Quadratic Equation

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quadratic equation

[kwä′drad·ik i′kwā·zhən]
Any second-degree polynomial equation.

Quadratic Equation


an equation of the form ax2 + bx + c = 0, where a, b, and c are any number and are called the coefficients of the equation. A quadratic equation has two roots, which are found by the formulas

The expression D = b2 − 4ac is called the discriminant of the quadratic equation. If D > 0, then the roots of the quadratic equation are real and unequal; if D < 0, then the roots areconjugate complex numbers; if D = 0, then the roots are real andequal. The Vièta formulas x1 + x2 = − b/a and x\x2 = c/a link the roots and coefficients of a quadratic equation. The left-hand side of a quadratic equation can be expressed in the form α (xx2) (xx2). The function y = ax2 + bx + c is called a quadratic trinomial, and its graph is a parabola with the vertex at the point M (−b/2a; cb2/4a) and axis of symmetry parallel to the. y-axis; the direction of the branches of the parabola coincides with the sign of a. The solution of the quadratic equation was already known in geometric form to ancient mathematicians.

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They could solve quadratic equations, recognizing two solutions, possibly irrational, but usually rejected negative solutions.
In summary, combining the mass, momentum and dissipation balance conditions leads to quadratic equation for obtaining the unknown constant A.
2] = -1/[phi] are the solutions to the quadratic equation [a.
As the first author's work with the teachers indicates, such understanding results from one's conceptualization of the locus as an equivalent representation of the quadratic formula, including geometric interpretation of what it means for a discriminant of a quadratic equation to be a factorable or nonfactorable algebraic expression.
Since the teacher had retired to the staff room and left me to continue where he had left off on quadratic equations, I set the lads a problem to find out where they were on the topic.
When the OR-TL relation was exponentially shaped and all annuli were used, the least error resulted from direct substitution into the fitted quadratic equation (Fig.
c) Can you give a real quadratic equation for which 1 + 2i is a solution?
Jun and Lee (13) proved the Hyers--Ulam stability of the Pexiderized quadratic equation
Unfortunately, it was not my lot to salivate at the thought of a quadratic equation, nor be seduced by Nuffield Science; I struggled enough to be understood in my own language without learning how to find the butchers shop in Rouen, or to buy a train ticket in Frankfurt.
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Yet, on a team with more variables than a quadratic equation, how long the Bruins last in the postseason could be determined by their biggest one, center Dan Gadzuric.
Multiplying both sides by x, and collecting all terms to one side, yields the quadratic equation