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mathematical expression of the second degree in one or more unknowns (see polynomialpolynomial,
mathematical expression which is a finite sum, each term being a constant times a product of one or more variables raised to powers. With only one variable the general form of a polynomial is a0xn+a1x
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). The general quadratic in one unknown has the form ax2+bx+c, where a, b, and c are constants and x is the variable. A quadratic equation ax2+bx+c=0 always has two rootsroot,
in mathematics, number or quantity r for which an equation f(r)=0 holds true, where f is some function. If f is a polynomial, r is called a root of f; for example, r=3 and r
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, not necessarily distinct; these may be real or complex (see numbernumber,
entity describing the magnitude or position of a mathematical object or extensions of these concepts. The Natural Numbers

Cardinal numbers describe the size of a collection of objects; two such collections have the same (cardinal) number of objects if their
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). The quadratic formula

gives the roots of any quadratic equation in terms of its coefficients a, b, and c. The expression b2−4ac is called the discriminant and vanishes when the two roots coincide. If a, b, and c are real and the discriminant is not less than zero, the roots are real.


[kwä ′drad·ik]
Any second-degree expression.


1. an equation containing one or more terms in which the variable is raised to the power of two, but no terms in which it is raised to a higher power
2. of or relating to the second power
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Many existing papers ignore mortality correlations to simplify their calibration procedures because the correlations to be estimated grow quadratically with the number of countries of interests.
The relationship between per capita income and ODA is linearly positive but quadratically negative in most cases, meaning that South Korea's ODA allocation is diminishingly increasing (increasing at a decreasing rate) to recipients' income.
Robust convex quadratically constrained programs, Mathematical Programming, Series B 97: 495-515.
Which implies that the Newton process is locally quadratically convergent.
Shoot dry weight increased, then decreased quadratically (P<[less than or equal to].
For example, we found that when we entered CB and other expenditure quadratically the marginal effects, evaluated at the means, were essentially unchanged.
Chlorothalonil concentration was also associated quadratically with both melanomacrophages and granulocytes in this species (Figure 3B; for statistics, see Supplemental Material).
At higher frequencies, attenuation rose quadratically along with frequency in both air- and vacuum-mixed doughs, but changes in ultrasonic velocity were minimal.
At low [omega], up to approximately [omega] = 240 rad/s, the tension increases approximately quadratically, which is to be expected from the formula in Eq.
infinity]] performance for the closed-loop system and quadratically stabilizes the closed-loop system from w to q bounded by [gamma] for all possible trajectories of [omega] (Apkarian, 1994).
Li, On new exponential quadratically convergent iterative formulae, Appl.
As potentially each record in one data set has to be compared to all records in a second data set, the number of record pair comparisons grows quadratically with the number of records to be matched.