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1. a square dance of five or more figures for four or more couples
2. a piece of music for such a dance, alternating between simple duple and compound duple time


an old card game for four players



(1) A dance prevalent among many peoples. As a rule, it is written in 2/4 time and consists of five or six figures, each of which has its own name and special musical accompaniment. It came to Russia from France. From the late 17th century to the late 19th, the quadrille was one of the most popular dances of the salon. It also became widespread among the common people, bearing different names; there exist Russian, Ukrainian, Byelorussian, Lithuanian, Latvian, and Estonian quadrilles.

(2) At tournaments, carousels, and the like, a group of fourhorsemen, usually in costume.

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The 15 students wore Victorian costumes provided by the hall and the piece included a mixture of traditional dances from the 19th Century including waltz, polka, portland, gavotte and quadrille.
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The 'Eightsome Reel' is a fusion of opposites: the elegant quadrille with its French roots and the energetic reel native to Scotland.
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But what thrilled me were the two vaudun-styled ballets, the trance-ritual Shango and L'Agya, the so-called Creole Giselle, and, to a lesser extent, a 19th-century, mildly balleticized Brazilian quadrille, Choros.