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1. a square dance of five or more figures for four or more couples
2. a piece of music for such a dance, alternating between simple duple and compound duple time


an old card game for four players



(1) A dance prevalent among many peoples. As a rule, it is written in 2/4 time and consists of five or six figures, each of which has its own name and special musical accompaniment. It came to Russia from France. From the late 17th century to the late 19th, the quadrille was one of the most popular dances of the salon. It also became widespread among the common people, bearing different names; there exist Russian, Ukrainian, Byelorussian, Lithuanian, Latvian, and Estonian quadrilles.

(2) At tournaments, carousels, and the like, a group of fourhorsemen, usually in costume.

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Conrad Laforte s'inscrit dans son heritage, ce qui lui permet d'arpenter et de quadriller un terrain desormais reconnu.
Il s'agissait en quelque sorte << d'enfermer >>, << encercler >>, pour surveiller, soigner ; quadriller les espaces, categoriser les individus, annuler leur disparition incontrolee, leur circulation diffuse, etablir des presences et des absences, savoir ou et comment retrouver les individus, instaurer les communications utiles, interrompre les autres, pouvoir surveiller a chaque instant la conduite de chacun, l'apprecier, la sanctionner.
It derived from the French verb quadriller, which means to mark out in squares and to keep under tight control.