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What does it mean when you dream about drinking?

Because water is a symbol of the unconscious, drinking water may indicate being nourished by the unconscious. Drinking alcohol may mean that one is seeking either pleasure or escape. Alcoholic ecstasy is also sometimes used to symbolize divine ecstasy, so that drinking in a dream may show a “thirst” for spiritual experiences.

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Nosh and Quaff's laidback diner style 'let's get messy' ethos complete with bibs - is being jettisoned in favour of an altogether much more chic and sophisticated vibe at the new Jailbird.
We were dining as guests of Nosh and Quaff, but a meal of two mains, two sides and two beers would've cost us PS53.95.
Knetter says, "For pheasants, quaff and grey partridge: Southwest between Weiser and Boise, north central between Lewiston and Moscow.
Aktar Islam pictured at Nosh & Quaff restaurant in Colmore Row
THE Ten Club is what it sounds - an exclusive and limited group of folk who meet up in their finery every so often to break bread, quaff wine and reminisce over great sporting moments.
Just need the Europeans to finish the job and I can quaff like there's no tomorrow.
While Beaujolais Nouveau, released each November, is made to quaff in celebration of the recent vintage, the crus are much more than that.
Lewis and Memory Elvin-Lewis found that Achuar Jivaro tribesmen -- who live in the Amazonian regions of Peru and Ecuador -- each morning quaff an herbal tea that contains the caffeine equivalent of five cups of coffee.
Nosh & Quaff has failed to "reach its full potential" despite the fact it lies in one of the most prominent locations in the Second City's foodie district, claim bosses.
Friend and fellow chef Aktar Islam of Nosh & Quaff, Lasan and new restaurant Izza Pizza, will be on stage on the second day.
Every Monday through August 30th, guests will learn the skills they need to create the perfect muddled quaff. Mojito-making class is from 6 to 7 p.m.
Closer to home, around 20% have visited Melton Mowbray in Leicestershire to sample pork pies and about the same number have gone to Herefordshire to quaff cider.