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A string-oriented language designed to support the construction of Modula-3 programs from modules, interfaces and libraries. Written by Stephen Harrison of DEC SRC, 1993.

What does it mean when you dream about a quake?

Tumultuous movements or quaking in a dream may indicate inner turmoil and upset in the dreamer’s life that needs to be addressed. The dreamer may be repressing anxiety and need to change conditions to alleviate it.

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The quake, however, was in a very remote location with no paved roads nearby, so it was difficult to reach and the media needed to go on government transport.
Olmos, spokesman for the Dare to Prepare campaign, passionately recounted his harrowing experiences in the 1971 Sylmar Quake and called upon all Californians to prepare for the inevitable.
Only three of the United States' post-1900 quakes cost more than $1 billion when they happened.
At such high speeds, massive amounts of pressure build up, generating underground (seismic) waves that can cause more damage than the quake itself.
If they do find patterns, scientists might be able to predict when a quake will strike.
Dean Luis Serrano of the pro-cathedral at San Juan la Evangelista, was preparing for Sunday worship when the quake struck Saturday morning.
A post-quake report issued by the Kobe YMCA is filled with anecdotes such as this one: Three days after the quake, two women from Kobe Citizens Central Hospital appeared at city hall asking for 10 volunteers to help carry water at the hospital, located about a mile away.
Winner of more than 15 awards in 2006 and already selected as one of the most anticipated new titles in 2007 by more than eight publications, Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars is being developed for the Windows PC by Splash Damage - the Nerve Software and Z-Axis console versions will also feature strategic team play, persistent character promotions and online stats tracking.
New analyses of seismic data gathered during the 1906 quake, as well as field observations made soon thereafter, suggest that the San Andreas fault ruptured much more quickly than scientists had previously estimated.
We had tidal waves like that,'' in Los Angeles from the 1964 quake, said geography professor Tony Orme of the University of California, Los Angeles.
0 on the Richter scale is 10 times stronger that a quake registering 1.
1 on the Richter scale jolted the Izu islands south of Tokyo on Thursday night, about an hour after a quake measuring 5 hit the region, the Meteorological Agency said.