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(1) The degree and kind of professional training of a worker; his knowledge, ability, and practical skill, necessary for the performance of a certain kind of work. The qualification of a worker is reflected in his tariffing (his being given a certain tariff rating depending on his qualification). The awarding of a tariff rating testifies to the worker’s fitness to perform a specific range of duties.

In the USSR, the qualification of workers, as a rule, is established by a special qualification commission in accordance with the requirements of the tariff qualification manual. In addition to the rating, evidence of a worker’s qualification may also be his category, or a diploma, title, or academic degree. Some positions can be occupied only if one has a diploma (for example, that of a physician or a teacher). In enterprises, institutions, and organizations in the USSR, a system is created for the teaching and improvement of professional skills among industrial and office workers,

(2) A characteristic of a certain kind of work, determined by the complexity, precision, and responsibility of the work. In the USSR, the qualification of a work is usually defined by a rating according to the tariff qualification manual. The definition of the qualification of a work is important to establish the rate of tariff and wages for workers in given positions. The qualification of engineering work and work performed by white-collar workers and others not directly involved in production is defined by the requirements established for each particular position.

(3) A characteristic of an object or a phenomenon; the attribution of it to a certain category or group, for example, qualification of a crime.


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iTAlY Coach: Antonio Conte Star player: Gianluigi Buffon Chances: The Italians may have qualified comfortably but lack the star quality of the past and can only be regarded as having an outside chance of glory.
1.382-10(a) (1) applies to distributions from qualified trusts under Sec.
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(29) In the case of an embedded service--a service the price of which is not separately stated from the amount charged for the lease, rental, license, sale, exchange, or other disposition of the QPP, qualified films or utilities--DPGR does not include any receipts attributable to the embedded service.
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