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(1) The degree and kind of professional training of a worker; his knowledge, ability, and practical skill, necessary for the performance of a certain kind of work. The qualification of a worker is reflected in his tariffing (his being given a certain tariff rating depending on his qualification). The awarding of a tariff rating testifies to the worker’s fitness to perform a specific range of duties.

In the USSR, the qualification of workers, as a rule, is established by a special qualification commission in accordance with the requirements of the tariff qualification manual. In addition to the rating, evidence of a worker’s qualification may also be his category, or a diploma, title, or academic degree. Some positions can be occupied only if one has a diploma (for example, that of a physician or a teacher). In enterprises, institutions, and organizations in the USSR, a system is created for the teaching and improvement of professional skills among industrial and office workers,

(2) A characteristic of a certain kind of work, determined by the complexity, precision, and responsibility of the work. In the USSR, the qualification of a work is usually defined by a rating according to the tariff qualification manual. The definition of the qualification of a work is important to establish the rate of tariff and wages for workers in given positions. The qualification of engineering work and work performed by white-collar workers and others not directly involved in production is defined by the requirements established for each particular position.

(3) A characteristic of an object or a phenomenon; the attribution of it to a certain category or group, for example, qualification of a crime.


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Except for construction, architectural, and engineering services, gross receipts derived from the performance of services do not qualify as DPGR.
The instructors want the students to internalize these simple instructions so they will remember them when they attempt to qualify while attending the FBI Academy and later when they must qualify in the field.
These hedges wouldn't qualify for hedge accounting because they aren't linked to a specific transaction.
368-2(b)(1)(iii), Example (9), a stock acquisition of a target followed by the conversion of the target from a corporation to an LLC under state law cannot qualify as a statutory merger or consolidation.
Except for certain contingent beneficiaries discussed below, an entity such as a charity or an estate cannot be a beneficiary since trust beneficiaries must be individuals and an estate or charity does not qualify as such.
Finally, we disagree with the plan's implication that utility costs never qualify for the credit.
Rather than risking even a one-year hold to qualify for long-term gain treatment, the stock can be held for as little as six months, and the proceeds reinvested in new qualifying stock within 60 days, with no immediate tax paid on the transaction.
To comply with the new rules (and thereby continue to qualify as cafeteria plans), plan documents, administrative procedures and employee communications must provide for,the revocation and election of benefits based on these changes in status.
with regard to real property, for the revenue to qualify as DPGR.