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(1) The degree and kind of professional training of a worker; his knowledge, ability, and practical skill, necessary for the performance of a certain kind of work. The qualification of a worker is reflected in his tariffing (his being given a certain tariff rating depending on his qualification). The awarding of a tariff rating testifies to the worker’s fitness to perform a specific range of duties.

In the USSR, the qualification of workers, as a rule, is established by a special qualification commission in accordance with the requirements of the tariff qualification manual. In addition to the rating, evidence of a worker’s qualification may also be his category, or a diploma, title, or academic degree. Some positions can be occupied only if one has a diploma (for example, that of a physician or a teacher). In enterprises, institutions, and organizations in the USSR, a system is created for the teaching and improvement of professional skills among industrial and office workers,

(2) A characteristic of a certain kind of work, determined by the complexity, precision, and responsibility of the work. In the USSR, the qualification of a work is usually defined by a rating according to the tariff qualification manual. The definition of the qualification of a work is important to establish the rate of tariff and wages for workers in given positions. The qualification of engineering work and work performed by white-collar workers and others not directly involved in production is defined by the requirements established for each particular position.

(3) A characteristic of an object or a phenomenon; the attribution of it to a certain category or group, for example, qualification of a crime.


References in classic literature ?
Unfortunately he knew nothing else; and Eliza, though she could count money up to eighteen shillings or so, and had acquired a certain familiarity with the language of Milton from her struggles to qualify herself for winning Higgins's bet, could not write out a bill without utterly disgracing the establishment.
I must qualify this statement a trifle and say that this was true of those tribes with which I was most familiar.
I'll qualify the statement, then," she answered, with a laugh.
if I had only been cast loose on the ballrooms of London, to qualify under Hymen, for a golden degree
In so doing, we do not only consult our own dignity and ease, but the good and advantage of the reader: for besides that by these means we prevent him from throwing away his time, in reading without either pleasure or emolument, we give him, at all such seasons, an opportunity of employing that wonderful sagacity, of which he is master, by filling up these vacant spaces of time with his own conjectures; for which purpose we have taken care to qualify him in the preceding pages.
99) For example, the extraordinary cost of utilities for a specialized air purification or cooling system might qualify under this rule.
The taxpayer requested a ruling that written disclaimers by each of the seven grandchildren would constitute qualified disclaimers of the property and qualify the estate for an estate tax charitable deduction on the disclaimed property.
Generally, under the so-called "terminable interest rule" terminable interests do not qualify for the marital deduction; see Sec.
A residence must contain sleeping space, a kitchen and a toilet, so a boat with living quarters or a mobile home both qualify.
TEI believes that all research activities up until the time the product is ready for commercial sale should qualify as R&E for purposes of section 174.
To qualify, the REIT must own 100% of the stock of such a subsidiary at all times during its existence.
The regulations are clear: as long as there is one trust beneficiary that does not qualify, the trust itself will not qualify.