quality assurance

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quality assurance

[′kwäl·əd·ē ə′shu̇r·əns]
(industrial engineering)
A series of planned or systematic actions required to provide adequate confidence that a product or service will satisfy given needs.
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Quality assurance

The system for assuring that the contract’s technical requirements are met by the contractor. Also the management of quality at all stages in the manufacture of a product and delivery of services, as standardized internationally by ISO 9000.
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quality assurance

The inspection, testing, and other relevant actions taken (often by an owner or his representative) to ensure that the desired level of quality is in accordance with the applicable standards or specifications for the product or work.
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quality assurance

(QA) A planned and systematic pattern of all actions necessary to provide adequate confidence that the product optimally fulfils customers' expectations, i.e. that it is problem-free and well able to perform the task it was designed for.

The QA of a commercial product usually involves alpha testing, where an early version of the product is tested at the developer's site, and is then improved accordingly. Then, an almost complete version of the product is made available for beta testing by (selected) real users. Faults identified during beta testing should be fixed before the product is released for full scale manufacturing and distribution.
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(Quality Assurance) A department, procedure or program within an organization that is involved in testing hardware and/or software. QA ensures that all products and systems perform as originally specified. See QA analyst and software quality assurance.
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Also speaking, UBEC's Quality Assurance Director, Malam Mansir Idris, said: 'It is pertinent that we recognise the dynamism of quality assurance and understand the need for change if we must succeed.
As I look back on these cases, I am struck by the progress made in improving quality over the years (sometimes an unexpected consequence of the quality assurance process), the enduring impact of quality assurance on higher education in developing economies, and what these successes suggest for quality assurance in the United States, Canada, and Europe regarding the review process, trust, academic freedom, and the importance of clear standards.
He extended full cooperation to the directorate of quality assurance and resolved to organize such useful programs for the teachers of the University in future also.
He praised the university's Quality Assurance Centre's expertise as one of the significant inspirational experiences in ceaselessly working to upgrade the standard of its academic programmes in a highly competitive world of fast transformations and development.
It was held under the theme 'Quality Assurance: a Vital Force of Change' and was attended by university administrators, college heads, non-academic staff, faculty members and students.
Toronto, Canada, March 18, 2015 --(PR.com)-- The Spa Industry Association of Canada (SIAC) is pleased to announce that 28 spas have achieved Quality Assurance Approved status in the Canadian spa industry in 2014.
This article describes impact of an approach which is developed and tested by the HEC for the purpose of quality assurance and consistent enhancement in the Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) of a developing country aiming at increased value of the qualifications awarded.
ERIC Descriptors: Higher Education; Accountability; Quality Control; Foreign Countries; Program Evaluation; Quality Assurance; Institutional Characteristics; Institutional Evaluation; Institutional Research; Educational Quality; Performance Factors; Barriers; Educational Improvement; Change Strategies; Educational Change
For quality professionals, quality assurance auditors, and protocol writers, Haider, a quality assurance and environmental specialist with experience in pharmaceutical processes who is also a quality management system and environmental auditor, and Asif, a quality assurance manager for a pharmaceutical organization, take into account all major international regulations, such as FDA, European Union, current good manufacturing practices, good laboratory principles, PDA technical monographs and reports, PMA concepts, journals of PDA, GCP, and industry standards 9000 to show pharmaceutical, medical, and biotech organizations the format, content, and style needed to be in compliance with documentation guidelines for quality control and assurance.
More than 40 papers will be delivered during this important event addressing various themes such as quality assurance of cross border higher education, criteria for staff promotion and designation of academic titles, strategies for quality assurance in higher education and challenges in the implementation of quality management systems.

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