quality of service

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quality of service

(communications, networking)
(QoS) The performance properties of a network service, possibly including throughput, transit delay, priority. Some protocols allow packets or streams to include QoS requirements.
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(1) (Quality Of Service) A defined measure of performance in a system. For example, the maximum response time to complete a transaction must be no longer than 10 seconds.

(2) (Quality Of Service) In general, to be able to prioritize one type of transmission over another in a communications network.

(3) (Quality Of Service) A defined measure of performance in a communications network. For example, to ensure that real-time voice and video are delivered without annoying blips, a traffic contract is negotiated between the customer and network provider that guarantees a minimum bandwidth along with the maximum delay in milliseconds that can be tolerated.

Because dedicated channels are set up between parties, the plain old telephone system (POTS) delivered the highest QoS for years. However, when data are broken into packets that travel through routers in a LAN or WAN, QoS mechanisms are used to give higher priority to real-time data, such as voice over IP (VoIP), than to non-real-time data, such as file downloads. Another option in packet switching is to overbuild the network, ensuring that it will accommodate all traffic fed to it. See packet switching.

ATM was one of the first packet technologies to build in modes of service. Today, almost everything is built around IP, and there are a variety of methods that provide QoS in IP networks (see 802.11e, TOS, RSVP, Diffserv and MPLS).

QoS vs. CoS

QoS (quality of service) refers to the mechanisms in the network software that make the actual determination of which packets have priority (see packet scheduler). CoS (class of service) refers to feature sets, or groups of services, that are assigned to users based on company policy. If a feature set includes priority transmission, then CoS winds up being implemented in QoS functions within the routers and switches in the network. See class of service.

Circuits to Packets to Circuits?

Nothing provides better quality than a dedicated channel between two parties. Some say, in time, with ever-increasing wavelength division multiplexing (WDM), there will be enough optical bandwidth to have an available circuit between every user in every home and office in the world, and we will revert to circuit switching once again.

In the meantime, the late 1990s saw a huge buildup of fiber backbones in the U.S., which resulted in a glut of capacity after the turn of the century. This fiber overbuild has allowed for quality voice and video calls over the Internet. See infranet and QoE.

It's All About Prioritization
QoS is of interest to many people. This package touts the unique feature of this home router, which gives priority to the games identified by the user.
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We take our Quality of Service requirements extremely seriously and our postmen and postwomen work hard to deliver high standards of service to all our customers across the UK."
Consider a case where investors put together X amount of funding to roll out a network that can accommodate a million subscribers - at the given pre-defined quality of service by the regulators.The economics behind the investments is perhaps designed to make a 10 percent annual return on each dollar invested in the network for the next ten years.
TRA has enhanced and built on the initial 2008 QoS Regulation to ensure that an effective legal framework is established determining the level of quality of service that the licensees are committed to when providing services to consumers.
"There is a good level of cooperation from the industry in providing quality of service parameters to the TRA who in turn verifies these parameters.
The UK has one of the highest Quality of Service specifications of any major European country.
Sue Whalley, Chief Operations Officer, Royal Mail said: "Royal Mail operates under some of the most demanding Quality of Service standards in the whole of Europe so it is only right to pay tribute to the hardworking postmen and women who make this happen six days a week at more than 30 million addresses across the UK."
(TAP) - AirHelp, a company providing legal services to airline passengers who have experienced a flight cancelation, delay or overbooking, has ranked national carrier Tunisair 85th out of a total of 87 airlines around the world, valued for their quality of services.
It added that LinqUs IoT Quality of Service provides instant network status and analysis, and immediately highlights any issue by ensuring a rich array of data is readily available and accessible.
The reports evaluated key quality of service indicators of the operators' mobile networks, including network coverage (i.e.
The company has released its latest Royal Mail Quality of Service report, covering the 31 March 2014 to 29 June 2014 period, which shows that the company beat its First Class mail target of 93.0% during the quarter, delivering 93.3% of this mail in the next working day.
In this competitive environment, organizations must have ability for having a way to distinguish itself from other organizations, one of the most important ways to gain competitive advantage is to present high quality of services. Many organizations take advantage of quality of service.
ISLAMABAD -- Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has directed the mobile phone operators to improve quality of service where results of QoS were not as per laid down benchmarks in the license and relevant regulations.

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