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To improve the rate-distortion performance of quantized CVS, we present a quantization method which exploits the space-time correlation of CS measurements between video frames.
As mentioned above, SQNR is the proper measure for estimating the achieved quality of the quantized signal.
g], or in other words the mass of the universe is now quantized in units of the cosmic [[?
In 1987, Rovelli and Lee Smolin, now at Penn State, developed a way of interpreting solutions to the quantized theory as patterns of closed loops--lines of force of the gravitational field somewhat analogous to the lines of magnetic force around a bar magnet.
Next, it processes the 3D image warping, which restores as a point cloud image by back-projecting the 2D points (per pixel from the center-view color image) into a 3D world depending on their depth value (using the quantized depth map).
Eight contributions present the fundamental governing equations of non-equilibrium fluid transport, the direct simulation Monte Carlo method for rarefied gas flow analysis, the computational chemistry approach to calculating the rates and cross sections in the quantized energy states, and radiative heat transfer as a non-equilibrium process.
In the second time slot (time slot-2), the messages received by the n-th relay node are quantized with the proposed scheme at first and then transmitted to the destination node.
of de Broglie electronic half-waves there are stochastic by longitudinal and radial quantized periodic electronic wavepackets (EWP) each of which contains one relatively <<hot>> and <<cold>> areas of the longitudinal or radial macroscopic dimensions.
Once the silicon atoms are settled in the diamond substrate, laser-generated photons bump silicon electrons into their next higher atomic energy state; when the electrons return to the lower energy state, because all things seek the lowest possible energy level, they spit out quantized photons that carry information through their frequency, intensity and the polarization of their wave.
These quantized photons can then be used to carry information through their frequency or through the polarization of their waves.
In these basic type algorithms, the amplitude values of one single pixel or of a set of pixels are straightforwardly quantized.
Quantized(x) is quantized effect drawing, q is quantization level, [DELTA]q controls the width of quantization range, [q.

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