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According to equation (5), in the first half period a quantum of action is destroyed, and in the second half one a quantum of action is created.
The phase of the contribution from a given path is the action S for that path in units of the quantum of action [?
Obviously, such concepts as macro-world, micro-world, mega-world, quantum of action, light velocity, particle-wave dualism, temporal-similar and spatial-similar intervals, etc.
After it was found that the recession velocities for single and double galaxies appear to be quantized [1] then a new quantum of action was also derived to yield [2, 3]:
Using Weinberg's relation for the mass of an elementary particle [4] we can now expect to obtain the mass of the universe if Planck's constant in (2) has been substituted by the new maximum value of the new cosmic quantum of action [[?
For if the Quantum of Action is assumed to be infinitely small, Quantum Physics become merged with classical Physics .