quantum teleportation

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quantum teleportation:

see teleportationteleportation,
in physics, the transfer of key properties from one particle (or group of particles) to another a significant distance apart without a physical connection between the two particles (or groups); also known as quantum teleportation.
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, in physics.
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quantum teleportation

[‚kwän·təm ‚tel·ə·pȯr′tā·shən]
(quantum mechanics)
The replication of a quantum state at a distant location by utilizing the concept of quantum entanglement.
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The other quantum communication is the quantum teleportation. Unlike the classical communication, the qubits not only can be in a variety of orthogonal superposition states but also can be in the entangled state.
(22) Juan Yin et al, "Quantum Teleportation and Entanglement Distribution Over 100-Kilometre Free-Space Channels," Nature 488 (August 9, 2012), 185.
Now quantum teleportation has achieved a new milestone.
Ari investigated the science of quantum teleportation. He found that once atoms are linked through a process called "entanglement," information from one atom will just appear in another atom when the quantum state of the first atom is destroyed.
"A history-changing, paradigm-altering look at the evolution of the human capacity to process data," according to the Oregonian, Gleick's latest book makes even the most unexciting material "brim with tension." The science can be overwhelming at times (quantum teleportation, anyone?), but Gleick provides clear explanations and analogies.
Other topics examined include prospects for quantum teleportation, dynamic data driven multi-agent simulation of maritime traffic, resolving gyro zero drift in an electronic stabilization system, modeling of MEMS based temperature sensors in the petrochemical industry using LabVIEW, and automatic opinion extraction for Web documents.
One power of entanglement is that it makes quantum teleportation possible.
Using quantum teleportation to move things from one place to another.
Kaku explains how time travel, wormholes, quantum teleportation, and parallel worlds are artifacts of the various solutions to Einstein's equations of general relativity.

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