quantum teleportation

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quantum teleportation:

see teleportationteleportation,
in physics, the transfer of key properties from one particle (or group of particles) to another a significant distance apart without a physical connection between the two particles (or groups); also known as quantum teleportation.
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, in physics.

quantum teleportation

[‚kwän·təm ‚tel·ə·pȯr′tā·shən]
(quantum mechanics)
The replication of a quantum state at a distant location by utilizing the concept of quantum entanglement.
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Now quantum teleportation has achieved a new milestone.
Quantum teleportation Teleportation as a quantum circuit E.
Using quantum teleportation to move things from one place to another.
Kaku explains how time travel, wormholes, quantum teleportation, and parallel worlds are artifacts of the various solutions to Einstein's equations of general relativity.
Such quantum entanglement, which Einstein called "spooky," is of fundamental importance for quantum communication and, in particular, for quantum teleportation.
Quantum teleportation is another wild field of active research.
More realistically, quantum teleportation could be harnessed for powerful computers or communication networks.
Some of these techniques include the development of the neutron interferometer; parametric down-conversion as a method for producing entangled two-photon states; the long-term trapping of ions; the interference of atoms scattered off "photonic" crystals; the creation of two-dimensional quantum systems; the recent achievement of Bose-Einstein condensation; the development of cavity QED; and the demonstration of quantum teleportation, amongst other experimental achievements.
One definition of quantum teleportation describes it as the disembodied transport of an unknown state from one place to another.
Additional interest in the subject has been created by the invention of quantum key distribution and, more recently, popular press accounts of experimental successes in quantum teleportation and the demonstration of a 3-bit quantum computer.
We regale them with speculations about parallel universes, quantum teleportation, wormholes through spacetime and 10-dimensional superstrings.
com/quantum-computing-light-pulse-invention-making-computers-more-powerful-2593695) quantum teleportation is transferring properties of one group of particles to another, across vast distances.

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