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see English units of measurementEnglish units of measurement,
principal system of weights and measures used in a few nations, the only major industrial one being the United States. It actually consists of two related systems—the U.S.
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a unit of capacity used in the USA, Great Britain, and other countries. One quart is equal to 1/4 gallon or 2 pints. The American liquid unit equals 0.9463 cubic decimeter, and the dry unit 1.1012 cubic decimeters. The British quart is equal to 1.1365 cubic decimeters. The earlier Russian liquid unit of measure, the kruzhka, was also sometimes called a quart; in Poland, 1 quart equals 1 liter.


Abbreviated qt.
A unit of volume used for measurement of liquid substances in the United States, equal to 2 pints, or ¼ gallon, or 57¾ cubic inches, or 9.46352946 × 10-4 cubic meter.
A unit of volume used for measurement of solid substances in the United States, equal to 2 dry pints, or ¹⁄₃₂ bushel, or 107,521/1600 cubic inches, or approximately 1.10122 × 10-3 cubic meter.
A unit of volume used for measurement of both liquid and solid substances, although mainly the former, in the United Kingdom and Canada, equal to 2 U.K. pints, or ¼ U.K. gallon, or approximately 1.1365225 × 10-3 cubic meter.


1. a unit of liquid measure equal to a quarter of a gallon or two pints. 1 US quart (0.946 litre) is equal to 0.8326 U.K. quart. 1 U.K. quart (1.136 litres) is equal to 1.2009 US quarts
2. a unit of dry measure equal to 2 pints or one eighth of a peck
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re fois de leur histoire en battant au quart la Namibie (2-0).
Et si l'on s'en refere au reglement applique a la lettre par le Grand Chelem parisien, le natif de Manacor heriterait donc de la tete de serie numero cinq et aurait donc une chance sur quatre de croiser un certain Novak Djokovic en quarts.
Your best friend asks you to bring 10 quarts of punch to a party.
Looking for tea at the back of a cluttered counter, she spotted an empty quart jar, which she handed to me.
timer--35 minutes for pints, 40 minutes for quarts.
Meanwhile, in a 5- to 6-quart pan over high heat, bring 2 quarts water to a boil; add ravioli.
You should put 5 quarts of water in a 7 or 8 quart pot
If Jack DuBois had an American gallon of juice (and we know there are 4 quarts in a gallon), how many liters would Jack have?
It retails for around $250 and has an extremely long filter life of 52,000 quarts, or 13,000 gallons.
149 Quarts of water the average American drinks in one year.
RUM PUNCH: For a grand celebration, mix in a crock two quarts of freshly squeezed orange juice, one quart of fresh lemon juice, the rinds of the oranges and lemons, two pineapples cut into bite-size chunks, 10 sliced bananas, 10 bottles of white wine (750 ml each) and two pounds of brown sugar.