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, Roman magistrate, with responsibility for the treasury; in early times a quaestor also had judicial powers. At first there were two quaestors. Sulla named 20, and Caesar set 40 as the number (45 B.C.), but Augustus reduced them to 20.
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Freely allow those friars so wishing to preach the word of God to the clergy and people wishing to hear it and let them receive the alms of the faithful freely given by the urging of divine charity; and then later, after this preaching is finished, similarly allow the said questors to carry out the business committed to them.
With the acquisition of Teksid's aluminum business, Questor Management intends to strengthen its presence in the automotive sector.
Feuds and ill-advised statements apart, Naipaul presents another powerful view of an exiled questor of the spirit, a novel - though not his best - that contributes to a 'life's work', which was recognised last week in the award of the Nobel Prize for Literature.
What came of this realization was an understanding that merely substituting a female for a male questor would not be sufficient to upset the generic mechanism that makes the quest narrative a story of male heterosexual desire.
Coming just after the speaker sets off on a quest to locate what he perceives as a "fairy-land," the allusion informs both the nature of the questor and the reading of his quest.
Many phone calls, e-mails, and one speeding ticket later, I reached Chamberlain in June 1998 and watched in astonishment as Joyzelle Godfrey presented me with a draft of the script, which at one time had been called "The Modern Questor.
Pitman, who described Monsignor's performance as "awesome" on Saturday, could send the winner for the Questor International Novices' Trial Hurdle at Warwick on February 15.
Its American inventors picked boffins at Queen's University's QUESTOR centre to help on research that is set to put the portable wonder schnozzle on the map for industry.
On two weeks' notice, you have to be prepared to put up as much money as we call from you, up to the limit," says Robert Shields, a principal at turnaround specialist Questor Management Co.
Lee adopts another strategy, however, to critique the autonomous questor of canonical Romanticism represented by Kruitzner's imitation or partial occupation of that stance.
The questor returns with knowledge, maturity and readiness to contribute.
Prior to focusing on real estate software, he was vice president and director of research of Questor Associates, the predecessor company to Roulac Real Estate Consulting Group of Deloitte & Touche.