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, Roman magistrate, with responsibility for the treasury; in early times a quaestor also had judicial powers. At first there were two quaestors. Sulla named 20, and Caesar set 40 as the number (45 B.C.), but Augustus reduced them to 20.
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The play insists on the questor's credentials because it is there that the key to the unmasking of impostors resides: counterfeit pardoners would undoubtedly be fewer if ecclesiastical authorities, who have the power and the duty to verify the authenticity of their licenses and to punish them for any misdeeds, were more rigorous in performing their task.
The entire Life-Story of a People is presented as the findings of "The Last of the Indian Questors" and "From the [Modern] Questor's Notebook." (An earlier title for the pageant was The Modern Questor.) Deloria provided instructions for her all-Native cast, and free verse commentary for the eight-member interpreting chorus.
(Who can forget--or more accurately, who can remember--Genesis 11, with Mariette Hartley as a futuristic babe with two belly buttons, or the mind-blowing Questor Tapes, with Robert Foxworth as an android rookie with the LAPD?) At one low point in the mid-'70s Roddenberry took a gig writing a script for the Circle of Nine, a New Age channeling cult in Ossining, New York.
On the mystical circle of meaning the questor touches back at the point of his origin when he has traveled furthest away from it.
In the majority of cases, at all events, the "questor" appears on the scene as a "special preacher" for what might be called a "Hospital-Sunday sermon;" and the collection that follows in due course is as natural a part of such proceedings as it would be today.
Douglas Livingstone's poem "Traffic interlude: Descent from the Tower" (1991:49) may be read as exploring the vagaries of the "secondary imagination" which leads the questor in the poem astray.
He also composed the themes for series "The Psychiatrist," "Tenafly" and "Veronica Clare" and scored dozens of other TV movies, including Gene Roddenberry's "The Questor Tapes" and "Attica."
In an apparent attempt to outlaw simony and curb other financial abuses, the council issued decrees prohibiting bishops from selling rights and offices (14th:XII:113; 2nd:I:136; 25th: IX:241), eliminating charges for selling certain Church services (e.g., dispensations) (25th:XVIII:250-51), prohibiting certain leases of Church property (25th:XI:245), enjoining cardinals and prelates from enriching their families from the property of the Church (25th:I:232-33), abolishing the office of questor of alms (which was rife with abuse); requiring that clerics be compelled to pay what they owe (7th:XIV:60-61), restricting abuse of wills and bequests by opportunistic clergy (22nd:VI:156), and establishing restrictions on the conversions of benefices (25th:XVI:249).
The questor, the Knight, the Princess, and Wyvern must brave bloodthirsty beasts and terrible ghosts, but the most dire threat to their mission comes when one of them betrays the other four!
Investment company Questor Partners Fund has agreed to acquire Chef Solutions, the non-airline food business of German airline Lufthansa.
that of a spurned lover to that of a betrayed questor." His quest