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see calcium oxidecalcium oxide,
chemical compound, CaO, a colorless, cubic crystalline or white amorphous substance. It is also called lime, quicklime, or caustic lime, but commercial lime often contains impurities, e.g., silica, iron, alumina, and magnesia.
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(inorganic chemistry)
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A white or grayish-white caustic substance, calcium oxide, usually obtained by heating limestone or marble at a high temperature; used chiefly in plasters, mortars, and cements. In the past, in many areas along the seacoast where limestone was scarce, seashells were heated to obtain lime. See also hydrated lime, hydraulic lime, mortar, shell lime, slaked lime.
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Goudge described `the creamy white dolomite' in the park quarries as a band about 28 inches deep, an occurance considered to be of very high quality for quicklime production.
The dewatered sludge is then conveyed to a mixer where the sludge and quicklime are blended.
where [M.sub.c], [M.sub.fa], [M.sub.q], and [M.sub.w] are the mass of cement, fly-ash, quicklime, and water, respectively, and [[rho].sub.c], [[rho].sub.fa], [[rho].sub.q], and [[rho].sub.w] are the density of cement, fly-ash, quicklime, and water, respectively, which are 3100 kg/[m.sup.3], 2600 kg/[m.sup.3],1200 kg/[m.sup.3], and 1000 kg/[m.sup.3], respectively.
It's also unclear what the rippling effects of dumping a lot of quicklime into the sea might be.
The copper sulphate should always be dissolved first in a portion of the water, the quicklime slaked in the remaining water, but in a separate container.
Environmental officers were called in to oversee the clean-up because of the potentially harmful nature of quicklime.
Pressing the button on the can's base breaks the foil so the water reacts with the quicklime to produce the heat.
WHO WHAT WHERE WHEN: Jennifer Garner' Quicklime' Chicago' 1994.
She should be hanged, quartered (no, halved - quartering's too good for her), embalmed, taken back to her prison cell, offered food and water, hanged again for refusing hospitality, then taken to unconsecrated ground and buried in quicklime (no, in slowlime - quicklime's too good for her), then dug up and put back in prison.
The water mixes with quicklime stored in the heat engine, creating a reaction that heats the coffee.
The resultant quicklime was used for agricultural improvement and to make mortar.
According to the Department, the cows' heads and spines were removed before the rest of their bodies were buried in quicklime. To date, 20 of the 27 local authorities in the country have asked for grave details.