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see mercurymercury
or quicksilver
[from the Roman god Mercury], metallic chemical element; symbol Hg [Lat. hydrargyrum=liquid silver]; at. no. 80; at. wt. 200.59; m.p. −38.842°C;; b.p. 356.58°C;; sp. gr. 13.55 at 20°C;; valence +1 or +2.
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A dBASE-like compiler for MS-DOS from WordTech.


(1) (QuickSilver Technology, Inc., San Jose, CA) A mobile communications company that specialized in a reconfigurable logic chip for cellphones and PDAs. The company closed its doors in early 2015. See adaptive computing.

(2) An earlier browser plug-in from Micrografx that allowed a variety of vector drawings to be viewed from the Web.

(3) An earlier family of dBASE III PLUS compilers developed by WordTech Systems, Inc. In 1992, the technology was acquired by Borland.
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The new partnership further enhances AHEB's commitment to providing solid investment opportunities as the involvement of QuickSilver now offers an additional level of security for investors and also assists project stakeholders with successful execution and completion.
Quicksilver Resources is a nationwide oil and gas refinery company based in Texas with other locations in Michigan, Indiana, Wyoming and Kentucky.
Jeremy Kemp (right) and Luke Bull (centre), from Quicksilver PR, with Mike Fowler, from Coventry Cyrenians.
Elite sprinters Milton Campbell, Celena Mondie-Milner and hurdler Octavious Terry were Quicksilver athletes, as was 1992 Olympian Anita Howard; the club has its own track, built with assistance from Nike, in part from recycled Nike soles.
Both QuickSilver and Chameleon have targeted the wireless market.
The QuickSilver inspection system will identify and classify surface defects on die and perform metrology on microstructures that meter ink.
There were two celebratory pieces by Bruce himself to Nyman's music: Quicksilver and Meeting Point, which was one of the hits of the UNited We Dance Festival in San Francisco last year [see Reviews/National, September 1995, page 80].
To jump from Kuttner's book to Quicksilver Capital, by economists Richard B.
Starting today, Quicksilver cardholders will receive 20 percent back as a statement credit on all Uber rides through April 2016 when they pay using their Quicksilver or QuicksilverOne card.
Evan Peters' star popularity is soaring, thanks to Bryan Singer, who gave him the role as Quicksilver in the "X-Men" franchise "X-Men: Days of Future Past".
Quicksilver and SWEPI are exploring the viability of the Niobrara formation and have each drilled exploratory wells in Moffat and Routt counties.
Quicksilver Resources will receive $701 million in cash at closing plus up to $72 million in additional earn-out payments and the resulting elimination of $228 million of consolidated debt associated with Quicksilver Gas Services.