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see mercurymercury
or quicksilver
[from the Roman god Mercury], metallic chemical element; symbol Hg [Lat. hydrargyrum=liquid silver]; at. no. 80; at. wt. 200.59; m.p. −38.842°C;; b.p. 356.58°C;; sp. gr. 13.55 at 20°C;; valence +1 or +2.
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A dBASE-like compiler for MS-DOS from WordTech.
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(1) (QuickSilver Technology, Inc., San Jose, CA) A mobile communications company that specialized in a reconfigurable logic chip for cellphones and PDAs. The company closed its doors in early 2015. See adaptive computing.

(2) An earlier browser plug-in from Micrografx that allowed a variety of vector drawings to be viewed from the Web.

(3) An earlier family of dBASE III PLUS compilers developed by WordTech Systems, Inc. In 1992, the technology was acquired by Borland.
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