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see penpen,
pointed implement used in writing or drawing to apply ink or a similar colored fluid to any surface, such as paper. Various kinds of pens have been used since ancient times.
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What does it mean when you dream about a quill?

As a writing instrument often associated with refinement and gentility, the quill can symbolize superior social status or prestige, sophistication or style, false delicacy or affectation, and belles lettres, among others. In a dream it may provide inspiration to write about thoughts and dreams.


(design engineering)
A hollow shaft into which another shaft is inserted in mechanical devices.
A shaft or spool on which filling yarn is wound before insertion into a shuttle.
(vertebrate zoology)
The hollow, horny shaft of a large stiff wing or tail feather.


a. any of the large stiff feathers of the wing or tail of a bird
b. the long hollow central part of a bird's feather; calamus
2. any of the stiff hollow spines of a porcupine or hedgehog
3. a device, formerly usually made from a crow quill, for plucking a harpsichord string
4. Angling a length of feather barb stripped of barbules and used for the body of some artificial flies
5. a small roll of bark, esp one of dried cinnamon
6. (in weaving) a bobbin or spindle
7. Engineering a hollow shaft that rotates upon an inner spindle or concentrically about an internal shaft
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From Tuesday to Friday next week you'll be able to have a go at craft making including manufacturing a quill pen and making a tea-caddy.
Fifty years ago, as long as you could hold a quill pen steady, you were in.
Mr Swindle said: 'The joint forces of increased Government legislation and commercial necessity mean that those law firms which don't replace the quill pen with modern IT and communications systems and build for the future will indeed have no future.
How do Mona and Morton write their columns - with a quill pen and ink, a manual typewriter or a state-of-the-art word processor?
If Shakespeare had had a keyboard instead of lumpy parchment and a quill pen with a propensity to blot in the middle of a soliloquy, he might have written even more plays and sonnets.
Youngsters were also able to listen to stories about Tudor England, try on costumes from the period and find out what it was like to write with a quill pen.
Young Loyalist Culver LeClerc read excerpts from Sarah's Diary, and was joined by Amy and April McCarey in a demonstration of quill pen writing.
In an evening stop at the ornate Catherine Palace, Clinton was coaxed by tour guides to sit in Alexander I's chair and hold his quill pen.
I mean, you take all this new technology for granted until it breaks and you are left with a quill pen and a sheet of parchment.
People will be able to find out about traditional crafts including braiding and fletching, try on costumes and write with a quill pen.
They are passed around the class and add to the quill pen writing experience and overhead picture presentation.