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see penpen,
pointed implement used in writing or drawing to apply ink or a similar colored fluid to any surface, such as paper. Various kinds of pens have been used since ancient times.
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What does it mean when you dream about a quill?

As a writing instrument often associated with refinement and gentility, the quill can symbolize superior social status or prestige, sophistication or style, false delicacy or affectation, and belles lettres, among others. In a dream it may provide inspiration to write about thoughts and dreams.


(design engineering)
A hollow shaft into which another shaft is inserted in mechanical devices.
A shaft or spool on which filling yarn is wound before insertion into a shuttle.
(vertebrate zoology)
The hollow, horny shaft of a large stiff wing or tail feather.


a. any of the large stiff feathers of the wing or tail of a bird
b. the long hollow central part of a bird's feather; calamus
2. any of the stiff hollow spines of a porcupine or hedgehog
3. a device, formerly usually made from a crow quill, for plucking a harpsichord string
4. Angling a length of feather barb stripped of barbules and used for the body of some artificial flies
5. a small roll of bark, esp one of dried cinnamon
6. (in weaving) a bobbin or spindle
7. Engineering a hollow shaft that rotates upon an inner spindle or concentrically about an internal shaft
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He made his entries with a quill pen in black or brown ink, using Thomas Shelton's popular system of 'tachygraphy,' or shorthand, which was described by its publisher in the 1630s as 'the most exact and compendious method of Shorthand Swift Writing that hath ever yet been published.
Even going back to the 19th Century and the era of notebooks filled with handwriting by quill pen, customs and immigration could read the contents.
supply you with paper, invisible ink, and a quill pen so that you can
table, chin on fist, quill pen in its other hand --five centuries before
Touring 112 Washington Place was like going back in time, what with newspapers from the 1800s scattered about and the former occupant showing off family tax returns prepared with quill pen.
A budding author can write in colors with a quill pen or create and send an electronic postcard with the Kids Zone characters.
From the bejewelled front cover, to the real quill pen inside the back cover, this book is sure to hold the attention of every 8- to 13-yearold with the remotest interest in Greek mythology.
Having mastered the physical ability to manipulate a quill pen, he wrote letters, words, sentences, and a literate, expansive English prose, first in a secretary's hand, and subsequently in italic script.
Colen's Untitled (Blow Me) is a still life with candle and quill pen which could be a detail from a Disney cartoon, while Bell's untitled flower piece seems to hanker after art's naive backwaters.
Using the classic method of drawing with a crow quill pen and India ink, Olson introduces students to the art of pen-and-ink drawings accented with watercolor.
Learn how to draw using a crow quill pen and India ink, and through the instruction of an artist who shows not just pen and ink techniques, but how to enhance these with watercolor.