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see penpen,
pointed implement used in writing or drawing to apply ink or a similar colored fluid to any surface, such as paper. Various kinds of pens have been used since ancient times.
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What does it mean when you dream about a quill?

As a writing instrument often associated with refinement and gentility, the quill can symbolize superior social status or prestige, sophistication or style, false delicacy or affectation, and belles lettres, among others. In a dream it may provide inspiration to write about thoughts and dreams.


(design engineering)
A hollow shaft into which another shaft is inserted in mechanical devices.
A shaft or spool on which filling yarn is wound before insertion into a shuttle.
(vertebrate zoology)
The hollow, horny shaft of a large stiff wing or tail feather.


a. any of the large stiff feathers of the wing or tail of a bird
b. the long hollow central part of a bird's feather; calamus
2. any of the stiff hollow spines of a porcupine or hedgehog
3. a device, formerly usually made from a crow quill, for plucking a harpsichord string
4. Angling a length of feather barb stripped of barbules and used for the body of some artificial flies
5. a small roll of bark, esp one of dried cinnamon
6. (in weaving) a bobbin or spindle
7. Engineering a hollow shaft that rotates upon an inner spindle or concentrically about an internal shaft
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Perhaps not gold nuggets under the mattress, quill pens or compulsory exercise, but encouragement to develop physical and mental alertness.
The women are also set to learn how to write with quill pens.
Youngsters can churn butter, write with quill pens and make clay pots and tin candle holders.
Students experienced Loyalist studies and writing with quill pens, as well as costumed presentations by Marilyn Haslinger and Imogen Givens.
The pen can be mightier than the keyboard if you choose the best raw ingredients and Stuart Houghton Ltd, based in Herefordshire have all the desk accessories, quill pens, roller blotters, personal seals and waxes and all sort of ancient and modern writing paraphernalia, to keep the lowliest scribe in heaven.
He painted newspapers, quill pens, fruit, flowers, books, musical instruments and other ordinary things.
As quill pens were overtaken by steel pens, it was John Mitchell, in Newhall Street, who was the first to pioneer their mass production in the early 19th century.
The day will be filled with activities for all ages, including Civil War code breaking, writing with quill pens, 17th-century games and drumming practice.
Fred explained: "The very ornately-carved timbers show the great poet's books and quill pens, but is lacking an image of Lord Byron himself.
At the hall they baked their own bread, made their own lunch in the rambling kitchens, enjoyed a music lesson and tried to master the difficult art of writing with quill pens Back at school, the children wrote about their visit and drew pictures illustrating life hundreds of years ago.
Over 1500 children took part in educational activity days last year which saw children exploring the Abbey, writing with quill pens and jousting with a medieval knight!
In medieval times, quill pens were most frequently made from the feathers of which bird?