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a case for arrows
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a case for arrows (made of skin, wood, cloth, and later metal).

Quivers were used among different tribes and peoples beginning in the Neolithic period. Some richly decorated quivers (such as the gorytos of Scythian-Sarmatian times) were outstanding works of art. In Rus’ warriors armed with bows carried the sheath for the bow on a belt on the left side and the quiver behind on the right. In the 16th and 17th centuries, when a Russian soldier was armed with short throwing spears, the quiver consisted of four compartments—three for the spears and one for a long knife.

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In a few examples there is a pennant hanging from the opening of the quiver. Examples with a painted hide pennant and a cow tail pennant were noted above.
The Hoptic quiver has small Allen screws on the underside to control tension on each individual round.
Corollary 5.2 If X < Y in [LAMBDA](B), then the number of relations involving paths from X to Y in a minimal quiver presentation of a left regular band algebra kB is given by dimk [[??].sup.1]([DELTA](B[X, Y)), k).
Quiver has been performing throughout Birmingham and the Midlands over the last two years including Symphony Hall and the Shrewsbury Summer Season Festival.
Many of the quiver trees are more than 150 years old but may not survive the increasingly harsh temperatures.
It is accompanied by a mouth that quivers, slow, blinking eyes and nostrils which flare.
First, if it is windy, a bow quiver makes the bow harder to hold steady when aiming.
V fib--abbreviation for ventricular fibrillation; ventricles quiver instead of contract
Skaters today have no quiver and little concept of what else is possible.
Their alliance offers what Cushman terms "more arrows in the quiver," when it comes to serving clients throughout the world.
In other words, the Access Board faces a choice: let deaf men sit unaware as their building burns around them, or condemn their epileptic cohorts to quiver uncontrollably on the floor, unable to crawl to safety.