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a case for arrows



a case for arrows (made of skin, wood, cloth, and later metal).

Quivers were used among different tribes and peoples beginning in the Neolithic period. Some richly decorated quivers (such as the gorytos of Scythian-Sarmatian times) were outstanding works of art. In Rus’ warriors armed with bows carried the sheath for the bow on a belt on the left side and the quiver behind on the right. In the 16th and 17th centuries, when a Russian soldier was armed with short throwing spears, the quiver consisted of four compartments—three for the spears and one for a long knife.

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Powder Face's set is more elaborate than many surviving examples, decorated with beadwork around the bow case and quiver openings and at the bottom of the quiver.
3, which also makes it simple to compute the quiver of a right hereditary left regular band.
I remove my quiver when hunting from a tree stand and instead hang it from a small hook that I screw into the tree, or I use a convenient branch that I trim to the proper length.
This type of legering is perfect for fishing on lakes as the quiver tip is very sensitive and bites can be spotted very clearly.
In this context, quiver mutation corresponds to Urban Renewal or Seiberg Duality.
Quiver begins shortly after Kate McCall's beloved husband has been killed in a hunting accident by their son Luke.
Finally, I should note that the openings to both the bow case and quiver are rimmed with rolled edging.
This combination yields a comprehensive and controllable system, according to Quiver.
Hungry spiders set their webs to quiver at the ping of even a tiny insect, he contends.
Waiting and waiting and waiting--eight years of waiting, watching your mom and dad receive the Host, watching wafers travel hand to heart, wondering at the zest and awe of it, waiting for it in your own cupped hands, waiting for the quiver of the Host in the holy cave of your mouth, wondering what it will taste like, wondering what it will be like to have God teetering at the lip of your lips .
Adding to its line of archery products, Bohning recently announced its entry into the broadhead and quiver field.