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a case for arrows



a case for arrows (made of skin, wood, cloth, and later metal).

Quivers were used among different tribes and peoples beginning in the Neolithic period. Some richly decorated quivers (such as the gorytos of Scythian-Sarmatian times) were outstanding works of art. In Rus’ warriors armed with bows carried the sheath for the bow on a belt on the left side and the quiver behind on the right. In the 16th and 17th centuries, when a Russian soldier was armed with short throwing spears, the quiver consisted of four compartments—three for the spears and one for a long knife.

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Pacer's quiver is decorated much like the one carried by Powder Face, with wool cloth and lanes of beadwork.
I've always preferred a bow quiver for two reasons.
The dimensions of these spaces carry all the information needed to construct the quiver of an algebra [1], which yields the following new description for the quiver of kB.
If there is no expansion in the quiver trees' range, then models forecast a 76 percent reduction in its population over the next 100 years," Foden told Reuters.
2 Preliminaries: Periodic Quivers and Cluster Mutation
Unlike the quivers we are used to seeing in Robin Hood movies, where the right handed archer reaches back over his right shoulder to draw an arrow from a quiver strapped just behind his shoulder, Plains Indian quivers hang on the archer's back with their openings facing left.
The slick-jumping son of Droopys Agassi held a two-length advantage at halfway, but Quivers Punch, a high-class recruit from the level, launched a determined challenge off the final bend and nailed the 4-5 favourite by a head close home for a 28.
The line of Delta broadheads and quivers won't let your customers down in the field.
Miranda started using his backpack-mounted quiver about 20 years ago, after he noticed that nearly all professional archers use hip quivers.
So that you can keep up with what's available, consider the latest and greatest quivers, stabilizers, and dampening accessories we've listed below.
Prices without Connoisseur: 6-4 Bills Paid, 11-4 Missed The Putt, 3 Stoke Lane, 9-2 Stoke Lad, 7 Quivers Golan