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a case for arrows



a case for arrows (made of skin, wood, cloth, and later metal).

Quivers were used among different tribes and peoples beginning in the Neolithic period. Some richly decorated quivers (such as the gorytos of Scythian-Sarmatian times) were outstanding works of art. In Rus’ warriors armed with bows carried the sheath for the bow on a belt on the left side and the quiver behind on the right. In the 16th and 17th centuries, when a Russian soldier was armed with short throwing spears, the quiver consisted of four compartments—three for the spears and one for a long knife.

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The pie turned out to be a creamy, quivery cheesecake-like slice.
They called it the Rocket, and I was surely seeing stars and comets and the quivery Northern Lights.
Those fish felt firm and quivery to her touch while the black fish felt soft and bloated.
``I have no idea where he is now,it is such a horrible time I feel quivery at the thought of what he might be going through.''
Inside the circle of my arm she felt to me like a quivery sapling.
Folk who go all quivery and hurt at the suggestion that claptrap for Jesus is still claptrap.