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A groove cut into a part.
A strip applied to a part as, for example, a stop or seal.
A joint formed by fitting one member into a groove, channel, or recess in the face or edge of a second member.


A long groove or channel that is cut into the edge or face of a board to receive another board that is fitted into the groove at a right angle to it.

rabbet, rebate

rabbet, 1
1. A longitudinal channel, groove, or recess cut out of the edge or face of a member; esp. one to receive another member, or one to receive a frame inserted in a door or window opening, or the recess into which glass is installed in a window sash.
3. A shallow recess in one body to receive another, as at the edges of a pair of doors or windows so shaped as to provide a tight fit; one half of the edge projects beyond, and serves as a stop for, the other edge of each leaf.
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rabbeting bit in your router and adjust the router to cut a rabbet about 3/16 in.
now include straight flute touter bits, scoring saw blades and rabbeting cutters.
com Speaker cloth (36" x 68") 1 1/4" shank rabbeting bit set (includes bearings for 5/16", 1 3/8", 7/16" and 1/2" rabbets); No.
According to Thilo, there is a demand in the store fixture industry for panels which have dado slots and rabbeting.