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[Heb.,=my master; my teacher], the title of a Jewish spiritual leader. The role of the rabbi has undergone a number of transformations. In the Talmudic period, rabbis were primarily teachers and interpreters of the Torah. They developed the liturgy, calendar, and other aspects of post-Temple Judaism. During the Middle Ages, the post of rabbi became a professional one, with the incumbent taking on the additional role of supervision of the religious life of the community. Rabbis of the Reform and Conservative movements pay considerable attention to pastoral and administrative duties, as well as preaching. Orthodox rabbis have to some extent also taken on such duties, although they continue to stress the traditional roles of judging, teaching, and studying Torah. The state of Israel has a dual chief rabbinate, representing the Ashkenazic and Sephardic communities. Rabbis have traditionally been male, but in the 20th cent. the Reform, Reconstructionist, and Conservative movements began to ordain women.


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the leader of a Jewish congregation. The rabbi explains the religion’s tenets, resolves problems of ritual, conducts rites, and in the synagogue delivers a sermon with a religious and moral content. During the Middle Ages and the modern period, the rabbi directed both the religious affairs and the political and economic life of the Jewish community. In present-day Israel, the rabbinate supports the reactionary domestic and expansionist foreign policy of the government.


1. (in Orthodox Judaism) a man qualified in accordance with traditional religious law to expound, teach, and rule in accordance with this law
2. the religious leader of a congregation; the minister of a synagogue
3. the Rabbis the early Jewish scholars whose teachings are recorded in the Talmud
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More and more Israelis are getting married outside the rabbinate," said Michal Berman, chief executive of Panim, an umbrella group representing Israeli Jewish pluralist organizations, which perform Orthodox, liberal and secular weddings in defiance of the rabbinate.
The rabbinate says it helps Jewish soldiers in the military find strength through religious inspiration to bolster their "sense of mission.
22) Other shifts among the Orthodox rabbinate had to do with matters beyond the rabbi's pulpit presence.
The coalition also includes a clutch of modern orthodox reformers intent on imposing the draft on the Haredim and reassessing the role of the Rabbinate in civil institutions.
Earlier this year, the rabbinate issued a letter to Israeli mohels that was seen as an effort to support the use of sterile pipettes.
Rosen, an Orthodox rabbi from Jerusalem, serves as the international director of interreligious affairs of the American Jewish Committee (AJC) and as an advisor on interreligious affairs to Israel's Chief Rabbinate.
57), Miller uses the figures who came to occupy the seat of the Moravian Chief Rabbinate to work through the evolution of Moravian Jewish society.
The project was launched after women living on-base complained about having to travel 60 kilometers (37 miles) to Eilat every time they wish to immerse in a mikvah, according to Military Rabbinate sources.
In a written press release, the Chief Rabbinate and the Turkish Jewish religious community said that the decree would contribute to the welfare and democracy of the Turkish nation.
Among the topics he treats are the development of the pushke (charity box), the education of youth and women, crisis of the rabbinate, and Hasidim vs.
CDATA[ The Rabbinate and Education Ministry asked Israelis not to prepare for the Lag BaOmer bonfires on Saturday so as not to desecrate the Sabbath.