rabbit's foot

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rabbit’s foot

proverbial good luck charm. [Western Folklore: Misc.]
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With such luxuriant growth, you might wonder what I'll do when all the rabbit's feet this plant can muster have bailed out of the pot.
WALES Get out your prayer mats, your rabbit's feet, horse shoes and lucky heather - today is the day of Six Nations reckoning.
Igor has brief flashes of brilliance, such as the clever verbal pun with Schadenfreude's female sidekick or Scamper's grisly escape plan, which causes him to quip: "Who said rabbit's feet are lucky?" Yet for the most part, Tony Leondis' film is almost as brain dead as some of its characters.
The Lanegan-enriched Revival conjures up a spiritual gathering where garlic and rabbit's feet are as in demand as skull, crossbones and crucifix.
Though laden down with rabbit's feet, four-leaf clover and mojo bags, the little leprechaun soon tried a speculative shot from the edge of the box, and saw it helpfully spin off the accursed blocking boot of Jamie Carragher and magically appear in the opposite corner of the net.
The baby rabbit's feet may fall through and become stuck, or even broken.
Since rabbits have four rabbit's feet, shouldn't they be the luckiest creatures of all?
Superstition is rife in the acting world, but Simon swears he doesn't go in for lucky rabbit's feet, talismans or any pre-show rituals.
A survey by Bacardi showed that 70 per cent of Scots believe in charms like rabbit's feet and shooting stars, compared to 57 per cent in the south and 50 per cent in the north of England.
Neither God nor rabbit's feet can stamp these fires out
The idea is to use cloth big enough to let droppings fall through but small enough that the rabbit's feet won't slip through.
We're crossing fingers and rubbing rabbit's feet that more people will look past coat color when adopting cats and other animals.