rabbit's foot

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rabbit’s foot

proverbial good luck charm. [Western Folklore: Misc.]
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While it might be easier to rub a rabbit's foot or find a lucky penny, go ahead and pick through the clover patch -- you might actually find one.
Top IMF agent Ethan Hunt is sent to capture sadistic arms dealer Owen Davian, who is looking to profit from the toxic weapon known as the Rabbit's Foot.
Also on display were the amethyst and gray versions of the Penelope Soft in leather and suede that would look great when tied with a Longchamp abstract print scarf to the strap, and the Madeleine that could turn heads in the board room or during Sunday service when accessorized with a Longchamp rabbit's foot pompom.
another does my and stage of my Anne (again I'm some Breton his his at that soft But he BRETON ROCK at GAMBLING WISDOM "Depend on the rabbit's foot if you will, but remember it didn't work for the rabbit" RE Shay
Traveling with four tons of salt for hide preservation, and a lucky rabbit's foot, Roosevelt hunted' across Africa with four firearms: a .
Lost, last Friday in August: one rabbit's foot keyring.
Maybe Marc Wilmots forgot to give his rabbit's foot to Vital Borkelmans?
Evidently, the public has a great affection for rabbits: animals that have immersed themselves in our folklore, although I'm yet to be convinced a rabbit's foot is lucky.
If you were looking to apply for an Hl-B visa, you better hope you had your lucky rabbit's foot.
Reaction to Solid Gold and Rabbit's Foot, the first two singles off Two Hands, has been generally enthusiastic and the band think it's an advance on their 2011 debut.
That foot is a hairy, creeping stem of rabbit's foot fern.
There's a surfeit of flares and period music while James Caan, who made his name in The Godfather, has been thrown in like a lucky rabbit's foot.