rabbit tobacco

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sweet everlasting

sweet everlasting

A hairy plant with clustered white flowers on top. Long thin silvery leaves. Leaves and flowers used for colds, flu, pneumonia, sore throat, fever, bronchitis, stomach, ulcers, tumors, spasms, coughs, aphrodesiac, heck you name it. When crushed, the plant gives off a maple syrup scent. Commonly smoked like tobacco for respiratory problems.
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''She grew and harvested rabbit tobacco, and every Saturday, she was off to the rabbits farmers market to sell her bunches of rabbit tobacco, which left the four children home alone.''
The daughter and sister of librarians, Williams put her research skills to work and soon discovered that rabbit tobacco was a nickname for lavender in England.
But not one of the tender food-plants can match the bursting, opportunistic energy, the sneaking tendrils and the skyward thrusts of Bermuda grass and Johnson grass, ragweed, pigweed, bindweed, goosefoot and dock, dog fennel and rabbit tobacco. The spaces between the rows have been tilled clean, but hand work is required to extract the competition that's elbowing out our hopes for a decent harvest.