radar approach control facility

radar approach control facility (RAPCON)

A terminal ATC (air traffic control) facility that uses radar and nonradar capabilities to provide approach control services to aircraft arriving, departing, or transiting the airspace controlled by the facility. This facility provides radar ATC services to aircraft operating in the vicinity of one or more civil and/or military airports in a terminal area. The facility may provide the services of a ground-controlled approach (GCA)—that is, ASR (airport surveillance radar) and PAR (precision approach radar) approaches. Specific facility nomenclatures are used for administrative purposes only and are related to the physical location of the facility and the operating service.
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The Frequentis system comprises 109 controller working positions installed across the airports terminal radar approach control facility (TRACON) and its three ATC towers, making it the largest IVSR installed to date.
Peterson, who works at the FAA's Dallas/Fort Worth terminal radar approach control facility, played an active role to modernize the technology and systems that give controllers the complete airspace picture.
An hour later, at 1703, ATC issued the flight a frequency change to talk to the Syracuse terminal radar approach control facility.
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