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DVAs are always in a radar environment. A DVA is an area where radar vectors below the MVA or MIA may be safely issued to departing aircraft.
The general further added the missiles will have a build-in intelligence system, which will analyze the aerial and radar environment and take decisions about its altitude, speed and direction of the flight.
In the basic cognitive radar design, its transmitter changes properties/abilities according to the radar environment variations, based on the information feedback from its receiver, where the feedback works as a facilitator of intelligence [3].
He suggests that to sense the radar environment, the receiver uses approximate Bayesian filtering and to control the radar illumination, the transmitter uses an incremental dynamic programming.
It may be lower than the published MEA along an airway or J-route segment." In a radar environment, this is the lowest altitude you're likely to get.
Then, we examine the performances of the STAP and the staggered PRF in the case where an interfering target is present in the radar environment.
KOR designs and develops digital radio frequency memory units for modern electronic warfare applications, as well as radar environment simulation and test systems for defence applications, while Paragon Dynamics provides analytic services and customised multi-INT data fusion and exploitation solutions for the intelligence community.
In the UAA's ATC program, the areas of study include aviation weather, radar environment and air traffic regulations.
A COROLLARY of Marshall McLuhan's famous adage that art is a "radar environment" uniquely suited for making clear the effects of media in culture is his lesser known analogy between those effects and the sound waves that become visible along an airplane's wings just before it breaks the sound barrier.
As with the later Exocets the Swedish missile also benefits from GPS satellite navigation and because it was designed specifically for use in Sweden's coastal archipelago, being used in the Stockholm, Goteborg, and Visby class corvettes it is capable of operating in a very demanding radar environment. Although the missiles have land-attack potential, Saab does not appear to have made provision for this feature in the current generation.
Each GNSS can be used to create a synthetic radar environment composed of several classes of radar effects: 524 simultaneous platforms and/or munitions, 200 chaff blooms, 40 simultaneous simulated jammers, simulated identification-friend-or-foe (IFF) returns (on any entity with IFF assigned), 20 simulated radar beacons, simulated radar land-mass returns, National Imagery and Mapping Agency databases, simulated wind and wave effects and weather patterns.

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