radar response

radar response (or SSR response)

The visual indication, on a radar display, of a radar signal transmitted from an object in reply to an interrogation (ICAO). See secondary surveillance radar.
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4(a) illustrates radar response in the case when the temperature was stable in all parts of the phantom (agar, testing-tubes and water).
Radar response in position (a) [T.sub.1], (b) [T.sub.2] and (c) [T.sub.3].
It was only later that the aircraft started transmitting correct secondary radar response code and was picked up and identified by AD radar as civil airliner (A-343) of Air France (AFR-164), which was on its from Paris to Bangkok.
Regarding stealth, a study by Australia's Dr Carlo Kopp (Assessing Joint Strike Fighter Defence Penetration Capabilities) contends that, as a result of developmental changes to the lower fuselage, the F-35 lateral radar response is too large to elude the latest Russian- or Chinese-built integrated air-defence systems.
The conductive glass fabrics, in particular, possess the desired electrical or radar response properties, while providing mechanical strength for reinforcement.
The radar response was to increase power and reduce or cancel sidelobe returns.
In the 30 to 220 GHz frequency range, polarimetric radar systems are used to characterize the radar response of terrain.
Only later, long after flying at an altitude of 37,000 feet and into Indian airspace after crossing through an established border entry point, the aircraft began transmitting the correct " secondary radar response code".
investigated radar responses to electronic attacks in electronic warfare environments.
Of course, there is the intelligence element in the issue when the two sides test each other's defences by testing their aircraft and radar responses.