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Wideband Monopulse Radar Returns. The radar returns in the sum and difference channels can be, respectively, expressed as
Mulgrew, "Analysis of the theoretical radar return signal from aircraft propeller blades," Proceedings of IEEE International Conference on Radar, 569-572, 1990.
At single turbine sites, a radar return will be repeatedly displayed in the same position and MTI processing can be deployed.
His help was needed to get the troops to read the radar returns properly and resite malfunctioning radar installations so that they would work.
He wanted to start by testing the tactical utility of planes that achieved very small radar return by .
Oros noticed a waving light directly between two of the contacts in a void radar return. He immediately slewed the FLIR in that direction.
A typical proposal is to modify the inside of the blades with layers of circuits and reflectors that can reduce the strength of the radar return from the blades.
All these design features minimize radar return, resulting in a stealthy aircraft.
For safety reasons pilots must keep aircraft five miles from an unconfirmed radar return in case it is another plane.
We had another radar return 10 miles southwest of the ship.
A waveform digitizer card incorporated in a Silicon Graphics workstation acquires radar return signals 4,096 times per second.
The company's consultancy and research business also will include the development of radar return suppression techniques and radar cross-section prediction tools, electronic support technology demonstration, missile decoy design, emitter location technique development, and EW and radar system modelling.