radial step

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winder, wheel step

A step, more or less wedge-shaped, with its tread wider at one end than the other, as in a spiral stair.
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Given the inverse dependence of the radial coordinate in (42), the model cannot contain the origin of the system but can be made arbitrarily close to it by choosing a small enough radial step [DELTA][rho].
On the other hand, the inertial effects (which considerably influence the extreme pressures [p.sub.h1] and [p.sub.h2]) exist on all the surfaces of the SATBESPIG in the [psi] direction, but the maximum effect is concentrated in the zone of the radial step, r [congruent to] [r.sub.c] (Figures 4 and 5) 2,3,5,16,17].
To find the calculus relation, at the position of the radial step of the bearing we suppose that dh/d[psi] [not equal to] 0.