radial-arm saw

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radial-arm saw, radial saw

A circular saw which is suspended from, and moves along, a cantilevered arm, mounted above the saw table; the blade can be set at any angle (or tilted) with respect to the work.
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I can more readily cut the other pieces on the radial-arm saw after making this first cut.
After diffusion storage, samples were removed, and trimmed with a radial-arm saw to approximately 4.8 by 4.8 by 4.8 cm to remove the remaining coating, and sliced into 0.4-cm wafers in the radial direction (Ra et al.
The acrylic can be cut using a fine blade in a table or radial-arm saw, or a circular saw with guide.
A radial-arm saw makes speedy work of cutting the grooves, but you could also use a table saw, taking care to align the blade precisely with spacing marks.
But you can make most cuts with a circular or radial-arm saw; just have a lumberyard make the lengthwise rips.
(A 140-slide version is described on the facing page.) This project goes best with a table saw or radial-arm saw. You'll also need a hammer, screwdriver, nailset, drill with a 1-inch bit, and these materials: