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8 135 Note that the radio time signal transmission frequency for Ottawa, Canada (CHU) changed from 7335 to 7850 kHz starting 2009 Jan 1.
We watched anxiously as the WWV radio time signal marked 7:44 p.
The complex subject of celestial navigation is made simple enough for even the most non-mathematical sailor, with details on plotting position by sun, planets and stars; checking the compass by using heavenly objects; taking radio time signals and adjusting the sextant for day-to-day corrections.
Timings good to a few hundredths of a second can be made with an ordinary camcorder by filming the event while shortwave radio time signals play in the background.
Today's observers will have no problems meeting these requirements, thanks to modern topo maps, GPS receivers, and shortwave radio time signals.
Many observers will be aiming camcorders at their eyepieces to capture the event on videotape while radio time signals play in the background.
For decades amateurs have timed occultations by calling into a tape recorder with radio time signals playing in the background.
Anyone with a telescope can make good timings using a tape recorder or camcorder along with shortwave radio time signals.

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