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Investigation of Wear in Heavy Duty Diesel Engines: Part I - Use of Radioactive Tracer Technology," SAE Int.
Women who are younger than 40, have dense breast tissue, or who have genetic predisposition to cancer should carefully consider the risks of BSGI, PEM, or any radioactive tracer injections.
For this purpose, in this study, taking advantage of HPLC and radioactive tracer assay, we examined the pharmacokinetic, tissue distribution and excretion of GS-Rd in rodents.
A patient undergoing MPS is given a radioactive tracer injection into the arm and returns the following day where the amount of tracer reaching the heart is imaged at the Trust's specialist unit at Huddersfield Royal Infir mar y.
They labeled the dye with a commonly used radioactive tracer and used a PET scanner to directly see plaque in a living person's brain.
In the past few decades, whole new areas of thought and exploration have been opened up by the sciences--by electronics, by astrophysics, by microbiology, by the study of nucleoproteins and their role in genetics, by radioactive tracer studies, and by nuclear physics.
Therefore, loculation of the radioactive tracer within an abdominal collection suggests pseudocyst formation.
Trent Falling, a general surgeon, ordered a hepatobilliary scan, whereby a small amount of radioactive tracer was injected into Kevin's bloodstream to identify whether ot not bile was successfully moving through the system into the small intestine.
Integrating the detectors and electronics into a trans-rectal probe minimizes the working distance between the imaging system and the prostate gland, providing better signals with a small amount of injected radioactive tracer.
One way of assessing blood flow is by using positron emission tomography (PET), which uses radioactive tracer molecules to track blood flow.
Fluid containing an X-ray dye or radioactive tracer is then injected through the tube until the bladder is full, and then the child is asked to urinate.
Whitlow said he had little experience with using it until Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, disrupting medical supplies and preventing his clinic from obtaining radioactive tracer for nuclear medicine studies.

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