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symbol for the element rutherfordiumrutherfordium
, artificially produced radioactive chemical element; symbol Rf; at. no. 104; mass number of most stable isotope 265; m.p., b.p., and sp. gr. unknown; valence +4.
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On drawings, abbr. for roof.


(Radio Frequency) The range of electromagnetic frequencies above the audio range and below infrared light (from 10 kHz to 300 GHz). RF transmission includes AM and FM radio, analog and digital TV, satellite communications, cordless phones, cellular and Wi-Fi. Signals can be focused in one direction (directional), or they can transmit in all directions (omnidirectional).

Frequency and Power
The range of frequencies and power output determine how well RF signals can penetrate objects. Signals up to 5 GHz can generally transmit through wooden and plaster walls in their path, but the higher the frequency, the more an unobstructed view from transmitter to receiver is required. See line of sight, RF modulation, RF shielding, RF remote control, microwave and ISM band.

RF Ports
Radio frequency ports (right) are typically coaxial cable connectors for antennas and TVs. See coaxial cable.
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Unique pulsed radiofrequency signals delivered by our devices can penetrate through superficial soft tissues at the treatment site and produce beneficial clinical outcomes such as reduction of pain and edema," he added.
Take a short tour under the hood of a newly miniaturized electronic component, a circulator, which could add technology-advancing finesse to the way radiofrequency signals travel within chips.
It is listening out for incredibly small radiofrequency signals coming back from the water molecules in a patient's body.
Schools and all public bodies in the UK obtain their guidance in this area from the UK's Health Protection Agency which states: "There is no consistent evidence to date that exposure to radiofrequency signals from Wi-Fi adversely affects the health of the general population.
The huge increase in use of cellular phones has created concern about possible negative side effects of radiofrequency signals to the brain.