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During both exposure level and time-based testing, the radiometer should show irradiance, test time remaining and accumulated dose levels.
The absolute responsivity of each DUT was determined by direct substitution of the DUT and an electrically calibrated pyroelectric radiometer (ECPR).
This ensures accurate testing of pH, blood gases, oximetry, electrolytes, and metabolites, Radiometer America says.
Absorber insertion loss for mm-wave noise is ~20 dB, so the radiometer can be calibrated to ~290 K and 350 K with the noise generator on.
Technological improvements are producing passive radiometer designs that enhance the overall synergism of airborne measurements, providing new insights into Earth's cloudy atmosphere.
Aside from the Radiometer ABL90, each researcher tested two devices of the same brand so that between-device within-brand reliability could be investigated.
The architecture of superheterodyne receiver for traditional microwave radiometer can provide a higher gain because of the receiver gain is dispersed into several frequency bands [6-8].
sys] could be obtained by measuring the output power of the receiver, since the gain of the receiver could be calibrated in a radiometer.
Patent Office has awarded it a patent for the company's data analysis method that uses surface reflectivity profiles to improve the accuracy of Gas Filter Correlation Radiometer (GFCR) measurements.
Now in orbit, the satellite has successfully deployed its solar arrays and a large-scale rotating antenna (Advanced Microwave Scanning Radiometer 2: AMSR2(1).
The major difference between the two being that while the spot radiometer gives you a value from a single point, the thermal imager gives information about an area - 3600 spots in the case of the FLIR i3- the area being dependent on the number of pixels in the array.