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How does radiotherapy contribute to the treatment of cancer patients?
In the future, new radiotherapy technologies and novel machines will continue to be developed and used for cancer radiotherapy, Abdel-Wahab said.
The study now presented in The Lancet Oncology is based on the claim that the adverse effects of rectal cancer treatment can be reduced by administering more but lower doses of radiation for a longer time, or by increasing the interval between radiotherapy and surgery.
The educational courses will reportedly utilise the TrueBeam system integrated with the company's suite of oncology and radiotherapy software, including Eclipse treatment planning system and ARIA oncology information system.
In Velindre, the conventional or hypofractionated high-dose intensity modulated radiotherapy for prostate cancer (CHHiP) trial was led by Dr Staffurth and run by the Radiotherapy Trials team.
While giving chemotherapy after radiotherapy has improved survival and is now standard care for these patients, the benefits of chemotherapy at the same time as radiotherapy are still unclear and need further follow-up.
The global radiotherapy market is also segmented based on indication into cancer of different organs such as brain tumor, spine cancer, lung cancer, liver cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer and others.
We have also developed Image Guided Radiotherapy, another very high-tech form, and both those things have really increased our ability to cure patients, especially with cancers like prostate, lung , head and neck cancer.
We have seen a growing demand for radiotherapy treatment at the centre - there has been an 8% increase in the number of courses of radiotherapy treatment in the last two years and a 10% increase in the number of attendances for treatment.
Nick Wadd, South Tees Hospital NHS Foundation Trust's clinical director for radiotherapy and oncology, said: "SABR delivers extremely high doses of radiation with very high precision and side effects are minimal.
The group analyzed outcomes for 8,135 women enrolled in 22 studies, randomized to receive radiotherapy to the chest wall and regional lymph nodes after mastectomy and axillary surgery, or to receive the same surgery with no radiotherapy.
Hundreds of children receive radiotherapy treatment at the QE Hospital every year.