radius tool

radius rod

1. A plastering tool; a wooden arm fixed at one end to a mold and attached at the other end to a center about which it swivels; a gig stick.
2. A long wooden arm with a marker at one end for tracing large curves.
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Liu and Melkote [7] have recently shown in their numerical work that plastic shear zone generated by an edged radius tool is more expanded and widened when compared with the one produced by a sharp tool.
Then he selected the corner and clicked on the radius tool. The software asked him to enter a value for the angle of the radius and its direction.
RADIUS Pull Back Adapter: More than ever HDD contractors depend on the Increased productivity and durability of their Radius tools to make even the most challenging bores a profitable project.
The comprehensive Radius product inventory includes rock bits, maxi-rig bits, housings, reamers, and custom subs and connections that make Radius tools compatible with all major brands of directional drills.