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(building construction)
A roof-supporting member immediately beneath the roofing material.


One of a series of inclined members that support the sheathing to which a roof covering is fixed.

hip rafter

A rafter located at the junction of the sloping sides of a hip roof.

jack rafter

Any rafter shorter than the full length of the sloping roof, such as one beginning or ending at a hip or valley.

valley rafter

In a roof framing system, the rafter in the line of the valley; connects the ridge to the wall plate along the meeting line of two inclined sides of a roof that are perpendicular to each other.


One of a series of inclined structural members from the ridge of the roof down to the eaves, providing support for the covering of a roof. For special types of rafters, see beveled rafter, binding rafter, common rafter, compass rafter, compound rafter, fly rafter, hip rafter, jack rafter, knee rafter, notched rafter, principal rafter, valley rafter.
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