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a self-propelled rail vehicle with an internal combustion engine used to make inspection trips and to transport personnel, materials, machines, and instruments during track repair and repair of other railroad installations.

Railcars are divided, according to their function, into passenger and freight railcars and, according to weight, into dismountable (up to 300 kg) and nondismountable (up to 50 tons). Railcars may be equipped with revolving cranes, installation derricks, and measuring instruments. One or two flat cars or ordinary railroad cars may be attached to a rail-car. In the USSR dismountable railcars have engines rated at 7–18 kW (about 10–25 horsepower) and transport four to six people and about 50 kg of freight; nondismountable rail-cars have 75–185 kW (about 100–250 horsepower) and transport 20–30 people or 5–6 tons of freight.


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The company has become an important supplier of locomotives and rail cars to the South American country.
Rail car storage spaces will be available for short and long-term lease, in addition to maintenance, car washing and transloading services.
According to Division Superintendent Railways, Rawalpindi Division, Abdul Malick, the Railways is making all out efforts to facilitate the passengers and the resumption of Kohat Rail Car service was demand of the public which has been fulfilled.
Designed to ensure a pool of temperature-controlled railcars was available to meet demand during peak growing and shipping season, the Produce Rail Car program originally launched in 2006 with federal and state funding.
A pair of catastrophic crashes in 2013 featuring DOT-111 rail cars highlighted the need for safer rail transport of crude oil, proponents said.
Once all the rail cars in Vale's slag dumping fleet are converted, operators will never have to step outside the locomotive.
Hitachi manufactured and delivered to the TRA a total of 48 TEMU1000 rail cars (6 train sets), consisting of two separate shipments of 24 TEMU1000 rail cars in 2006 and 2007.
* Only wrapped bales of compacted solid waste may be transloaded, with no loose waste to be placed in rail cars;
For several years now, a half dozen companies have worked on different rail car cover designs to prevent coal dust from flying out the tops of rail cars.
"But you have to get the rail cars, and rail cars are in tight supply right now."
Set up in late 2010, Second Cargo Company offers its freight rail cars to companies involved in cargo transportation services as well as its own delivery services.
Release date- 22072011 - Bombardier Transportation announced that it has received an order from the Florida Department of Transportation for the supply of 14 BOMBARDIER BiLevel rail cars for the central Florida SunRail commuter rail project to provide service to the Orlando area.