rain forest

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rain forest:

see forestforest,
a dense growth of trees, together with other plants, covering a large area of land. The science concerned with the study, preservation, and management of forests is forestry.
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The students will also research an interdependent relationship between organisms in a rain forest.
If they know how valuable the rain forest is, then the Amazon can be saved.
Many of the newfound plant fossils are of palm, legume, and flowering species that still dominate South America's rain forests, according to study team member Scott Wing, a paleontologist at the Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.
While he concedes that a regrown forest may absorb some carbon dioxide, he insists, "This is not the rich ecosystem of a rain forest.
More than half of all the living things on Earth live in tropical rain forests.
With mere reminders of how thick and lush the rain forest is, the drawing begins.
It is also a base for tourism in the Amazon, the world's largest rain forest, and a headquarters for several environmental groups.
Besides a pampered politician should be able to make his way through a rain forest unhindered without advice from a local.
Amazonian clay from Rain Forest Specialties, a division of Beraca Ingredients, Sao Paulo, Brazil, helps to eliminate toxins on the surface of the skin and contains mineral and nutrient salts that help combat free radicals.
Together with partner Cam Haddow, they are working on a sustainable forest product with tourism officials in Guyana to develop a world-class ecotourism development in the Iwokrama Rain Forest, a 370,000-hectare protected area.
Three Peruvians, who rely on the natural wealth of the rain forest for their livelihood, became our teachers.
The word flashes briefly on-screen toward the end of Lothar Baumgarten's 1973-77 film The Origin of the Night: Amazon Cosmos, a lush, ninety-eight-minute meditation on the rain forest inspired by a Tupi myth about the division of night and day.