rainbow fish

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rainbow fish:

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any of more than a thousand species of small fish of the several families of the order Cyprinodontiformes (toothed minnows or toothed carps), a group that includes also the topminnows and many popular aquarium fishes (e.g.
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According to Julie Selof, Community Relationship manager, Andigo Credit Union is presenting sponsor for "The Rainbow Fish Musical." Founded in 1939, Andigo is not-for-profit and offers all the services of a bank.
Like countless toddler wranglers, I ended up with a copy of The Rainbow Fish around the house--gift, hand-me-down, who knows?--when my firstborn was getting out of diapers, and it took me all of one reading to understand why the former conservative radio host Neal Boortz 12 years ago called it not just "insidious" but "one of the biggest pieces of trash children's books ever published." (Boortz's anti-Rainbow animus became so legendary that it sparked a response publication of sorts, called Starboortz Fish, in which a dull starfish is counseled that in order to truly shine he must earn the honor through industriously using what competitive advantages he already has.)
For example, to teach the meaning of the word proud in The Rainbow Fish, the teacher explains the meaning of the word in the context of the story by explaining that the fish is very pleased and happy because his scales are so beautiful.
Rainbow Fish has beautiful, multi-coloured and shiny scales that he is very fond of.
This advice takes the Rainbow Fish by surprise at first, but he decides to give it a try when a little blue fish asks for one tiny scale.
Owners of the nearby Rainbow Fish Bar in Market Street watched the drama.
Year4pupil Saskia McCartan added: "My favourite experiment was making a 'rainbow fish', which was different liquids which react together to produce colours."
Inside the pond, the school hopes to invite a local artist to work with the children to bring to life the jumping rainbow fish sculptures they have designed.
Millets is gearing up for the event on June 27-29 with a host of other gear from a rainbow fish windsock for pounds 9.99, to a snazzy gold Glamping head torch for pounds 14.99.
The Hungry Caterpillar, the Rainbow Fish and Joey the Kangaroo were transformed into three little plays by Coventry University students Felicity Pringle and Kieran Smith, who have formed the performance duo Music Book.
As well as reading, the group have been busy creating their own wall hanging based on the children's book The Rainbow Fish.