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1. the transverse bony ridge over each eye
2. the arch of hair that covers this ridge


A curved molding over the top of a window or door, often referred to as a hood.

eyebrow, eyebrow dormer

A low dormer that has no sides, the roofing courses being caried over the domer in a continuos wavy line.
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His sudden and miraculous fluency in Japanese during post negotiation socializing and future meetings never seemed to raise an eyebrow with the buyers.
A few typographical errors or misspellings appear, such as the listing of the Count's aria from The Marriage of Figaro as "Vedro metr'io suspiro" rather than "Vedro mentr'io sospiro," which raise an eyebrow, but with a few minor exceptions Father Lee traverses the issue of the several sung languages of opera with ease.
Indeed, this claim of Hollingsworth will raise an eyebrow or two, as she suggests that Lorenzo de' Medici, Giovanni Rucellai, and Pius II had more to do with the designs of their palaces than did Giuliano da Sangallo, Leonbattista Alberti, and Bernardo Rossellino.