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1. the transverse bony ridge over each eye
2. the arch of hair that covers this ridge


A curved molding over the top of a window or door, often referred to as a hood.

eyebrow, eyebrow dormer

A low dormer that has no sides, the roofing courses being caried over the domer in a continuos wavy line.
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31 opened another Turkish consulate in the oil-rich city of Basra, a move which raised eyebrows in Tehran as Iran was accused by Iraqi nationalists of trying to turn the southern city and surrounding region into a mini-theocracy.
A couple forced creepy smiles at us, inducing raised eyebrows but, sadly, no hidden meaning.
The Pulitzer org's annual award for drama has raised eyebrows in the past.
Vice President Dick Cheney's "choice of interviewers raised eyebrows,
And I get raised eyebrows from high school teachers," he says.
It seems like only yesterday that right-wing impresario Grover Norquist, head of Americans for Tax Reform, raised eyebrows for his lobbying work on behalf of Abdurahman Alamoudi, an American Muslim leader and thus a target for Norquist's efforts to get Arab-Americans to vote Republican--who allegedly helped raise money for groups linked to al Qaeda and Hamas.
The decade that gave us shoulder pads, burgundy, Dynasty and 'A-ceeeed' house and synthesizer pop music may be regarded in some quarters with metaphorical raised eyebrows, but it was also the era that gave us Madonna, the mobile phone (although you initially needed a forklift truck to transport it), and a host of other cultural milestones.
Beamer Foundation, a nonprofit founded by Beamer's widow, raised eyebrows when it trademarked the slogan, both to control its usage and to raise money for programs that "seek.
I remember when I was doing the vegetable degustation menu and the vegetable book; there were a few raised eyebrows among fellow chefs.
The subject matter alone raised eyebrows, just as QAF did with its frank depiction of sex and drugs.
I used to get raised eyebrows whenever I brought this up with fellow artists in the heyday of the Washington Color School, when some critics thought the artists involved had an extra gift for color perception.
As the first and only spring source to take that approach, Trinity has raised eyebrows in at least eight states.