raising bee

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barn raising

In the United States before the 20th century, a cooperative effort in which the elements of the framework for a large barn were assembled and lifted into place. The walls were supported by sections of a massive timber framework, called bent frames. First, the cellar was dug and the barn floor constructed. Next, the bent frames were assembled on the ground adjacent to the barn by fitting the various components of the frame together and fastening them with wood pegs driven into previously drilled holes. Finally, at the appropriate locations, each bent frame was raised into an upright position by the use of long poles with steel points (barn pikes) and then interconnected with other bent frames. See the illustration under bent frame showing how the bent frames were raised, an action that required considerable manpower and therefore the assistance of neighbors; this collaborative effort is also known as a barn raising or raising bee.
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Nebraska beekeeper Michael Bush has a terrific, in-depth website that includes expert advice for beginners on raising bees, as well as information on sustainable beekeeping practices, at www.BushFarms.com/bees.htm.
He stressed the importance of the economic feasibility of bees as raising bees contributes to improving the production of the agricultural crops by 25-35 percent through their role in natural pollination.
Red, yellow and blue nesting boxes will dangle from the poles in an experiment in raising bees that may one day pollinate some of Paramount's thousands of acres of almond trees.
This upgraded version of raising bees has led to better output,
Beginning of the career he Yemeni therapeutic researcher Al-Wadei began his career raising bees, and consequently won the top place in a World Bank-run contest in recognition of his successful bee sting trials and research.
Lunsby has been raising bees for 30 years and has worked for the U.S.
Upfront spoke to Johnson, 17, a home-schooled junior, about why he loves raising bees.
While continuing to choreograph at least one piece a year for the National Company, he runs a miniature farm at his home in the hills outside Kingston, raising bees, exotic plants, chickens, and pink ginger lilies.
Fonda plays a man trying to leave his past behind by - of all things - quietly raising bees.
"Without these chemicals for controlling mites, I think we'd be finished," says Richard Adee, who's been raising bees since 1957.
Raising bees can also benefit the many crops that require pollination.
History tells us that the illustrious Imam Saif bin Sultan (1688-1711) was a keen apiarist raising bees in the bountiful gardens of his fortress in Rustaq.