ram air turbine

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ram air turbine (RAT)

ram air turbine (RAT)
A ram air-driven turbine used in emergency situations to generate sufficient power to keep an aircraft flying long enough to land. Thus, the RAT performs the same function as an auxiliary power unit (APU). But, whereas an APU is essentially a small jet engine that burns regular jet fuel to generate this additional power, the RAT consists of a propeller that is spun by the high-speed air flowing past the aircraft. The spinning propeller powers a turbine that provides the emergency electricity needed to keep critical systems running, such as hydraulics, flight controls, and key avionics. In a normal flight, the entire assembly is folded up and stored in the aircraft fuselage or wing.
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Hamilton Sundstrand, a supplier of technologically advanced aerospace and industrial products and a subsidiary of United Technologies Corp (NYSE: UTX), announced on Tuesday (16 September) that aircraft manufacturer Airbus has selected the company to provide the Ram Air Turbine emergency power system for the Airbus A350 XWB.
TRW is developing fan-driven generators that could be used to replace conventional ram air turbine (RAT) designs.
Boeing has selected aerospace systems manufacturer Hamilton Sundstrand to provide the ram air turbine emergency power system for the new 7E7 Dreamliner aircraft.
AVP on the Toronto Stock Exchange) is pleased to announce an agreement reached with Fischer Advanced Composites Components GESmbH in Reid, Austria, for the supply of Ram Air Turbine Doors for the Airbus 318/319/320/321 Aircraft programs.
22, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- UTC Aerospace Systems has been selected by Dassault Aviation to supply the Ram Air Turbine System, the SmartProbe Air Data System (ADS), the Fire Protection System and the Throttle Control Unit for its latest Falcon 5X Business Jet.
This AD would require the replacement of the ejection jack on the ram air turbine.
UTC Aerospace Systems supplies a wide range of systems for this multipurpose new-generation airlifter, including the A400M's Secondary Electrical Power Distribution Center, Ram Air Turbine emergency power system, Trimmable Horizontal Stabilizer Actuator, Throttle Control Assembly, Secondary Flight Controls, Air Data Sensors, Cockpit and Load Master Workstation Lighting, and an eight-bladed 17.
The existing AD currently requires repetitive deployment tests of the ram air turbine (RAT) and checks of the adjustment of the locking rod, This proposed action would require modification of the RAT, which would terminate the repetitive tests and checks.
provides the Electric Power Generation System and Ram Air Turbine Emergency Power System for the Airbus A350 XWB.
In addition to the avionics and wheels and brakes that Malaysia Airlines ordered for its 777s, AlliedSignal has 11 other systems on board the aircraft as standard equipment, including the air supply and cabin pressure control systems, auxiliary power unit and emergency ram air turbine.
UTC Aerospace Systems also makes a wide range of additional systems for the A320 family including; primary and secondary flight control actuation systems, cabin crew seating, air data sensors, fuel measurement and management systems, ice detection systems, security and surveillance systems, specialty heaters and temperature sensors, electric power generation, ram air turbine emergency power system, fire protection, pilot controls, cabin pressure control and ventilation system, interior and exterior lighting, and wheels & brakes.
In addition to the equipment chosen by Singapore Airlines, every 777 has 11 AlliedSignal systems provided as standard equipment, including the air supply and cabin pressure control systems, auxiliary power unit and emergency ram air turbine.