random RNAV routes

random RNAV (area navigation) routes

Direct routes, based on area navigation capability, between waypoints defined in terms of latitude or longitude coordinates, degree-distance fixes, or offsets from established routes or airways at a specified distance and direction. Radar monitoring by ATC (air traffic control) is required on all random RNAV routes.
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Waypoints in random RNAV routes automatically become
Waypoints in random RNAV routes are compulsory reporting points unless otherwise advised by ATC.
Before the introduction of the new procedures, aircraft with GPS were not able to fly from point to point of random RNAV routes below 45,000 feet unless being monitored by radar.
Per Handbook 4-1-5, waypoints filed in random RNAV routes automatically become compulsory reporting points for the flight unless ATC advises you otherwise.