range markers

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distance markers

distance markers
distance markers
Distance (range) markers.
i. Frangible markers placed on the sides of runway indicating the remaining runway length available in thousands of feet. These have black background with numerals painted in fluorescent orange/red color.
ii. A reference marker indicating distance, particularly on a radar indicator to indicate distance of a target from the radar antenna. On a PPI (plan position indicator), it is usually one of a series of concentric circles. Also called range markers.
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"No matter what kind of conditions you have coming in, keep the range markers lined up, and you'll be coming in down the middle of the channel.
IRISHMAN Padraig Harrington was pleasing his fans yesterday with trick shot golf, hitting the range markers with unerring accuracy.
Blue runners often congregate along South Florida beaches during the winter, but they also frequent buoys, range markers and patch reefs out to 60 feet of water.
When the water heats up on the flats, the fish tend to gather on offshore structure, such as range markers and channel buoys.
Spanish mackerel also appear consistently in Mud Cove along Alligator Peninsula, around the outer range markers at the end of St.
Spanish mackerel thrive here, chasing bait pods from range markers to channel markers.