range safety officer

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range safety officer (RSO)

A person responsible for the safety of personnel and aircraft on an air-to-ground or other type of firing range. The RSO is also responsible for ensuring that the pilots deliver their weapons within the specified parameters and follow all safety regulations, especially minimum delivery and pullout heights. The aircraft over the armament ranges operate under the control of a range safety officer.
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Range Safety Officer Brian Harnden, said that it recoiled less than his full-sized carry pistols and Range Officer Jerry Smith rapid fired a magazine full into a well centered 1.5" group in the head of a B-27 target at 7 yards pronouncing the CM9 suitably accurate.
She is an NRA-certified pistol, rifle and shotgun instructor and chief range safety officer. For 12 years, Darnall taught Illinois Department of Natural Resources hunter-education courses.
It was not immediately clear if the rocket broke apart on its own, or if Air Force range safety officers detonated explosives on the rocket, part of a system to ensure wayward boosters do not impact populated areas, NASA said.
From guns featured in hit movies and television programs throughout the last century to popular historical firearms, guests have the opportunity to pick and choose the guns they would like to shoot under one-on-one supervision by range safety officers. Shoot Las Vegas events are available for private bookings including team building experiences, corporate events and business outings.
If a new shooter bent over his or her rifle while people were downrange checking targets, one or more of the range safety officers would call out a friendly warning--it happened several times that day.
In addition to qualifying crews, gunnery allowed every platoon leader (78 percent of them second lieutenants) to serve as an officer-in-charge (01C) of a range and NCOs as range safety officers (RS0s), beach masters, and ammunition NCOs.
Our air-to-air training rules enforce safety during high-risk training, and we professional adversaries like to refer to ourselves as the "Keepers of the training rules." To a large extent, we generally do a great job of this; RTOs (range training officers), RSOs (range safety officers), and red GCI (ground-controlled intercept) controllers are all important links in the situational-awareness-building chain that red air uses to "keep" the training rules.
The crawl-walk-run approach helps manage risk, and two certified shoot house instructors who also must be currently certified range safety officers tailor the scenarios and target placement according to the demonstrated skill level of each officer.
About 30 seconds after the explosion, range safety officers used remote control to detonate explosive charges that burst the boosters to prevent them from veering off toward land and hitting a populated area.
The ALTAIR “Bark-a-Que” will commence Saturday, March 30 from 11am-4pm and costs $60 per person, including a catered lunch, open shoot with range safety officers, 50/50 raffle, service dog “meet and greet,” silent auction, prizes and a chance to win a week long getaway at a luxurious mountain lodge.